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To Busan I go on a train

2 June 2022

Korea-Daegu-Busan-Train - To Busan I go on a train

Daegu to Busan on the KTX

I did all I could above to not mention the title of a popular movie I will never see due to the fact it is celebrated universally for its extreme ....

Observation deck

1 June 2022

Korea-Daegu-Spark - Observation deck

Looking over Daegu from Dongseongno Spark

Tonight I went up to the top of the ferris wheel building. It was better than expected. Excellent views. I seem to remember from previous visits t....

Monorails and graveyards

1 June 2022

Korea-Daegu-Hiking-Yongjibong - Monorails and graveyards

Hiking over paper stick mountain in Daegu

Before we get into today's hike, lets talk about sleeping in my Daegu hotel. The bed is HARD. The bed is lumpy. The sheet covering the mattress is....


31 May 2022

Korea-Daegu-Station - Stationed

Walking around Daegu to the old station

This evening I walked a big loop around parts of the city, through a park, then ended up at the old station. Not the bullet train station which is....

Rubbish dump

31 May 2022

Korea-Daegu-Arboretum-Market - Rubbish dump

The Daegu Arboretum and more

Today I did not climb a mountain, well not quite but sort of. Instead I visited a market, a park, a pond and an arboretum. On my journey I passed....

City of churches

30 May 2022

Korea-Daegu-Food-Noodles - City of churches

A short walk around an area of Daegu full of churches

After my long day described in excruciating detail above, I barely had time for a quick shower to rinse off the dead bugs glued to me by sunscreen....

The main attraction

30 May 2022

Korea-Daegu-Hiking-Palgongsan-Gatbawi - The main attraction

Hiking Palgongsan Dongbong to Gatbawi

I woke up. There was no rain. It was forecast to be cooler. Lets go! Today I did a hike that takes in all the areas that Daegu is best known for a....

Car store poking

29 May 2022

Korea-Daegu-Food-Poke - Car store poking

Hyundai department store and poke bowl

Tonight I went to a car showroom that is actually a department store and ate a poke bowl in a pink themed store for girls. That is the kind of non....

The longer way around

29 May 2022

Korea-Daegu-Hiking-Apsan - The longer way around

Short hike up and over Apsan

When I last came to Daegu, I climbed up Apsan to the city observatory. It was not far at all, in fact in an attempt to brag, I called it a recover....

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