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Dinner at 5:30pm? Sure

21 May 2023

Taiwan-Taipei-Xinyi-Food - Dinner at 5:30pm? Sure

Xinyi at dusk

Almost certainly, the final beef noodle soup has been eaten. I like it a lot but I think it makes me fat. I think all soups do. Soup which include....

Even the food court is too busy!

20 May 2023

Taiwan-Taipei-Shopping-Food - Even the food court is too busy!

Before we get onto the food court experience, this evening I walked west, and soon found myself in the computer parts area again. This time I visi....

Surprise sea of flowers

18 May 2023

Taiwan-Taipei-University-Food - Surprise sea of flowers

National Taiwan University area

As the worlds lead uneducated buffoon, it is my god sworn duty to go to the area surrounding the most prestigious University in each city I someho....

Tomato soup night

17 May 2023

Taiwan-Taipei-Food-Ramen - Tomato soup night

Eslite bookstore Xinyi

Tonight I went to a 24 hour bookstore that has 10 or so levels, including a basement food court, is open 24 hours, and sadly is cloding down soon.....

2nd Coco rejection

12 May 2023

Taiwan-Taichung-Food-Omurice - 2nd Coco rejection

Yizhong Street Night Market

Another 40,000 step day. Surprising. The dogs are mildly barking. Tomorrow is definitely a rest day, because I am out of clean underpants. Well ou....


11 May 2023

Taiwan-Taichung-Food-Beef - Modernity

Exploring Taichung city hall area

Taichung reminds me of a new large mainland Chinese city. Well the city hall area of the city does, I expect the old station area still looks like....

Lizards and ducks

7 May 2023

Taiwan-Yilan-Food-Omurice - Lizards and ducks

Non food court dinner in Yilan

Last night in Yilan. As threatened I decided to see if there's more to it that first meets the eye. Not really. The University area is another bus....

I have seen it now

5 May 2023

Taiwan-Yilan-Food-Night Market - I have seen it now

Exploring Yilan at night

My computer just threw a blue screen of death! That never happened before. I don't think I lost any data. Very annoying!!! OK, my title might be ....

The newer parts of the new part

3 May 2023

Taiwan-Taipei-Xinyi-Food - The newer parts of the new part

The big buildings of Xinyi

THE building is in Xinyi. So are a few other buildings as you shall see, including some under construction and a few that have been finished since....

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