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Expensive hamburger patty

17 November 2019

Japan-Tokyo-Shinjuku-Food-Hamburg - Expensive hamburger patty

Dinner at Takashimaya in Shinjuku

My cheapness, also known as tightarseness knows no bounds. Tonight I paid $15 for a hamburger patty, tiny potato, corner off a carrot and joke pie....

The opposite end of the aeon

14 November 2019

Japan-Koriyama-Food-Shopping - The opposite end of the aeon

Shopping at Aeon Town in Koriyama

It was cold tonight, I didnt take many photos, so time for a rant. I dont understand why geishas are romanticized as they are. On the one hand, I....

Lard noodles

13 November 2019

Japan-Koriyama-Food-Champon - Lard noodles

Eating Champon in Koriyama

Champon, also known as chanpon, is the main thing people eat in Nagasaki. I was not brave enough to eat it when I was in Nagasaki last year. It is....


12 November 2019

Japan-Fukushima-Food-Soba - Fuku-Kori-Shima-Yama

A quick trip from Koriyama to Fukushima for dinner

I planned this trip by tracing train lines around Japan and stopping at mountainous areas near cities. When I was working out where to stop on my ....

Rain the other way

11 November 2019

Japan-Yamagata-Food-Ramen - Rain the other way

Light rain followed by Ramen in Yamagata

I actually had a plan to go quite a bit further tonight, up a hill and down a street I thought might have a bit of a view of the city lights, howe....

A rare event indeed

10 November 2019

Japan-Yamagata-Food-Pizza - A rare event indeed

Eating pizza in Yamagata

I dont think I have eaten pizza in over 5 years, even though I like it. Tonight that changed. Generally speaking, I think pizza is the ultimate ca....

Once more to the station

8 November 2019

Japan-Niigata-Food-Curry - Once more to the station

Coco curry in Niigata

Last night in Niigata. I was late heading out after attending to an urgent work situation. Where to go? Oh I know, the station. If you face out o....

Bus rapid transit

7 November 2019

Japan-Niigata-Food - Bus rapid transit

Taking the BRT to dinner

It is raining a bit, so instead of walking to the station I took the BRT. I have now studied what the BRT is, it is a bus that goes every 3 minute....

Still quiet

6 November 2019

Japan-Niigata-Food - Still quiet

Hunting for dinner in Furumachi

Niigata has no people. Well the station area does, but the Furumachi area, at night, has basically none. Apparently its the red light district, i....

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