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Mission completed

8 June 2022

Korea-Busan-View - Mission completed

Busan Chinatown and Lotte store roof

I set myself 2 missions to complete in Busan during my previous diatribes and tonight I completed both. 1. Photograph the Hotel cat, completed. He....

3rd times a charm

1 April 2019

Korea-Seoul-View - 3rd times a charm

Walking up N Seoul tower and annoying its many cats

Tonight was the third time I walked up to the base of the Namsan tower to enjoy the view without paying to go up the tower to enjoy a view obscure....

The never ending hills of Nagasaki

14 November 2018

Japan-Nagasaki-Hiking-View - The never ending hills of Nagasaki

Hiking all the hills around Nagasaki to enjoy the endless amazing views

Everyone who has read up to this point knew that today I would wander around the hills of Nagasaki, just as I promised. I keep my promises. My co....

Resurrection of the day

5 May 2018

China-Hangzhou-View-Hiking-West Lake - Resurrection of the day

The hills around the West Lake of Hangzhou at dusk

The rain stopped at 4pm. I had my face pressed against the window in anticipation, as soon as I saw it had stopped I was out the door. My destinat....

Not the west lake

1 May 2018

China-Wuhan-East Lake-View - Not the west lake

Donghu East Lake of Wuhan

Today I went to the great east lake of Wuhan which is not to be confused with the great west lake of Hangzhou where I will soon be. The East lake ....

The crush for the view

29 April 2018

China-Chongqing-View-Hongyadong - The crush for the view

Amazing views of the Yangtze river in Chongqing

I said the other night I would have to go out over the bridge once it got dark and take more photos of the Chongqing skyline, so thats exactly wha....

Sick polluted and awesome

29 April 2018

China-Chongqing-View-Erling Park-Testbed 2 - Sick polluted and awesome

Walking to Erling Park and Testbed 2 in Chongqing

Today I am still sick. I really would like to be not sick tomorrow. Despite being sick, I managed 25,000 steps by 1pm, hiking through the city int....

Taipei 101

30 March 2011

Taiwan-Taipei-Taipei 101-View-Dumplings - Taipei 101

Today is both an introduction to Taipei, and a visit to Taipei 101, so my title is damn clever. First impressions of Taipei are great, and during....

Montmarte, I think?

10 July 2010

France-Paris-Montmarte-View-Pho - Montmarte, I think?

In the early evening I wandered out, not knowing where I was going. I have already decided Paris is quite small, and perhaps I need not have bothe....

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