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I am sleeping on a plane for 5 nights

11 May 2023

Taiwan-Keelung-Taichung-Train - I am sleeping on a plane for 5 nights

Keelung to Taichung on mainly the HSR

Hotel photo lovers rejoice. I took 4 photos of the hotel. The reason, the entire very large hotel is themed like the inside of an airliner. The wi....

Time for a view

10 May 2023

Taiwan-Keelung-Fo Guang Shan-View - Time for a view

Fo Guang Shan and Zhupu altar

Somehow, an accidental 40,000 steps day. Oh well. Tonight I went to a place I went the last time I came here. I will go and review those pics at ....

Fortified whine

10 May 2023

Taiwan-Keelung-Lovers lake-Danwulun Fort - Fortified whine

Lovers lake and Danwulun fort

Not great photos today. Blue sky and plain green scenery. A strange thing to whine about. A bit more cloud, some rocky terrain and coloured trees ....

Steak night

9 May 2023

Taiwan-Keelung-Sankeng-Steak - Steak night

A short walk to Sankeng and then back to Keelung for dinner

Believe it or not, a very traditional Taiwanese meal is steak. It is often served in night markets on a hot plate, just as I had it tonight in an ....

Cats and dogs

9 May 2023

Taiwan-Keelung-Houtong-Jiufen-Hiking - Cats and dogs

From Houtong to Jiufen on foot

No, not raining cats and dogs, there is no rain, but actual cats and dogs. Today I walked from the Houtong cat village (popular with tourists), pa....

Closed on Monday

8 May 2023

Taiwan-Keelung-Night Market-Pasta - Closed on Monday

Keelung night market on a Monday

I had done a bit of research for my dinner, selecting a few options in the nearby area. Google maps has great photo integration for restaurants in....

Rainy train day

8 May 2023

Taiwan-Yilan-Keelung-Train - Rainy train day

Yilan to Keelung by train

Now I am in Keelung. Which is pronounced Geelong. But apparently, Geelong is not named after Keelung, I looked that up to check. The rain finally ....

By the seaside

25 March 2014

Taiwan-Ruifang-Jiufen-Hiking-Keelung Mountain - By the seaside

Another great day in Taiwan, apart from the smog. I headed North in the clear blue sky by train then bus to a place called Jiufen. A former gold m....


17 March 2012

Taiwan-Keelung-Buddha-Shopping Street - Keelung

Getting to Keelung proved to be an adventure. Its a city on the coast not far from Taipei, so I decided to take the TRA train, which is the older ....

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