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Cats and dogs

9 May 2023

Taiwan-Keelung-Houtong-Jiufen-Hiking - Cats and dogs

From Houtong to Jiufen on foot

No, not raining cats and dogs, there is no rain, but actual cats and dogs. Today I walked from the Houtong cat village (popular with tourists), pa....

Windy teapot

28 March 2017

Taiwan-Jiufen-Hiking-Teapot Mountain - Windy teapot

Hiking the teapot mountain in Jiufen

There were 3 things I was sure I wanted to do whilst in Taiwan on this trip. Go to Taroko gorge, go to sun moon lake, and climb the teapot mountai....

By the seaside

25 March 2014

Taiwan-Ruifang-Jiufen-Hiking-Keelung Mountain - By the seaside

Another great day in Taiwan, apart from the smog. I headed North in the clear blue sky by train then bus to a place called Jiufen. A former gold m....

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