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More landslides

20 November 2019

Japan-Hiking-Mount Sekirozan-Lake Sagami - More landslides

Lake Sagami and Sekirozan from Sagamiko Station

Todays plan was to do a small hike, around a lake, with lots of other people. Well it was a small hike. Unfortunately like so many hiking trails, ....

The most time consuming

18 November 2019

Japan-Tokyo-Hiking-Sasago-Mount Takigoyama - The most time consuming

Hiking Mount Takigoyama from Sasago station

Today I took a 2 hour train ride to Sasago station on the Chuo line, and once again, hiked the wrong way up a mountain. I did not see a single oth....

Dam dirty and noisy hike

16 November 2019

Japan-Hiking-Okutama-Mount Gozenyama - Dam dirty and noisy hike

From Okutama station to Mount Gozenyama to Lake Okutama

Dont let the above title fool you. Today was an excellent hike. Lots and lots of photos so I wont type too much here. I say than often then type a....

No ice just blue skies

13 November 2019

Japan-Hiking-Mount Bandai - No ice just blue skies

Climbing Mount Bandai from Inawashiro station

Today was the longest hike of the trip so far. Unless I get lost somewhere on my 3 remaining hiking days, it will likely remain the longest hike o....

Repeat visit

11 November 2019

Japan-Hiking-Omoshiroyama-Yamadera - Repeat visit

Omoshiroyamakogen canyon to Yamadera shrine

I have been here before and done exactly this journey before. Top tip for using my site, click the search thing and click the tag for the name of ....

Ice capades on magic mountain

10 November 2019

Japan-Yamagata-Hiking-Mount Zao - Ice capades on magic mountain

Climbing Mount Zao without the cable car

There will be no crater lake photo. There will be lots of photos of ice, lots and lots of ice. It is hard to photograph the wind, but I think you ....

Full range

8 November 2019

Japan-Niigata-Hiking-Mount Yahiko - Full range

Yahiko station to Mount Yahiko to Maki station

Today I walked almost a full mountain range. The smallest mountain range in Japan! The people of Niigata are very proud to have the smallest mount....

Fast run up an icy mountain

6 November 2019

Japan-Hiking-Mount Tanigawa-Doai Station - Fast run up an icy mountain

From Doai station to Mount Tanigawa and back in 4.5 hours

Lots and lots of photos today, so I will do most of my boring nonsense dribbling with the photos. In summary, today was one of my best hikes ever....

Staying the course

4 November 2019

Japan-Takasaki-Hiking-Yokokawa - Staying the course

Walking along the abandoned Usui Toge Railway from Yokokawa

Today was my third trip down the Shin-Etsu line which heads into the mountains from Takasaki then ends at a dead end. During my 2018 Japan visit, ....

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