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12 November 2018

Japan-Fukuoka-Nagasaki-Train - Greyasaki

Taking the train from Fukuoka to Nagasaki

Now I am in Nagasaki. It is very grey. It did not rain much, it just stayed grey, hence Greyasaki. They appear to have built this city precarious....

The healthy option

11 November 2018

Japan-Fukuoka-Food - The healthy option

Eating soup and looking at flowers in Fukuoka at night

No ramen tonight, time to get some health into me. Actually I have been eating broccoli and toast for breakfast, as my hotel comes with breakfast.....

Reflecting on sumos in ramen stadium

10 November 2018

Japan-Fukuoka-Nakasu-Ramen - Reflecting on sumos in ramen stadium

A visit to the Canal City Ramen studio and an encounter with Sumo wrestlers

Tonight I hung around locally, and managed to see the red light district, light reflections in the canal, some sort of concert in canal city and t....

Surprisingly quiet Tenjin

9 November 2018

Japan-Fukuoka-Tenjin-Food - Surprisingly quiet Tenjin

Exploring the shop filled streets of Tenjin

Hakata versus Tenjin, tonight Tenjin, and it was surprisingly quiet? I had to check my watch to make sure it was Friday. Last time I was here I re....

Repeat mountain and beyond

9 November 2018

Japan-Fukuoka-Hiking-Dazaifu - Repeat mountain and beyond

Hiking from Dazaifu to Mount Homan and Mount Sangun from Dazaifu station

There will be a lot of pictures today so get that scrolling finger ready. They wont all be of mountains so maybe its worth not scrolling directly ....

Christmas light hysteria in Hakata

8 November 2018

Japan-Fukuoka-Hakata-Ramen - Christmas light hysteria in Hakata

When a department store turns on their xmas lights, its a really big deal

In Fukuoka its the battle of Hakata versus Tenjin for adjacent shopping and dining area superiority. Tonights contestant, Hakata. The two areas o....

Island hopper

8 November 2018

Japan-Okinawa-Fukuoka-Airport - Island hopper

Flying from Naha to Fukuoka on an ANA Boeing 767

After an uneventful flight I am in Fukuoka. The airport is about here is about 3 subway stops from the city centre, you could walk it. I would if ....

The shed

26 November 2015

Japan-Fukuoka-Tokyo-Airport - The shed

From Fukuoka to Narita on Jetstar

Time to start the long journey home, too long I say. I go to the airport early and wait, I then have 4 hours in Narita, and wait for it, 5 hours i....

It got cold

25 November 2015

Japan-Fukuoka-Shopping Street-Star Wars - It got cold

The underground malls and neon of Fukuoka

After a month of wondering why its so warm, tonight its going down to 11 degrees, cold enough to justify my jacket for once. Actually its going to....

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