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Bus broke down

16 June 2022

Singapore-Melbourne-Airport - Bus broke down

Singapore to Melbourne on Singapore Airlines

As threatened, here is a final small update on an unprecedented 30th day of a trip. That is a bit of cheat cause I do not normally do an after lan....

So far no drama

19 May 2022

Singapore-Airport - So far no drama

Between flights at Singapore airport

First time going on a plane in 2.5 years after averaging 2 flights a week for the previous 15 years. A few things have changed. First, you have to....

First World Problems

18 May 2022

Melbourne-Airport-Singapore Airlines - First World Problems

Melbourne to Singapore departing at midnight

Finally, after years of no travel at all due to the GLOBAL PANDEMIC, it is time to go somewhere. The first place on my list of places I like to go....

Singapore airport has no butterflies

27 October 2018

Melbourne-Singapore-Airport - Singapore airport has no butterflies

Flying from Melbourne to Singapore on a Singapore Airlines Boeing 777

Now I am in Singapore airport, famous for its butterflies and plastic plants. More impressive is its size but it does appear to be quite dated the....

Projectile vomit boy

14 April 2018

Singapore-Airbus A350 - Projectile vomit boy

Flying to Beijing on Singapore Airlines

My story of getting from Melbourne to Beijing was definitely one of two halves. Not just because it stopped in Singapore at roughly half way but b....

The journey is still not quite over

22 October 2017

Japan-Tokyo-Narita-Singapore Airlines - The journey is still not quite over

From Narita to Ikebukuro on the NEX

This is a kind of a micro update. Might even turn out to be one of the rare 3 update days. The reason for this is I am now on the NEX train to Ike....

I want to murder your children

21 October 2017

Melbourne-Singapore - I want to murder your children

Melbourne to Singapore and the airport butterfly garden

As mentioned above, my 7.5 hour flight from Melbourne to Singapore was completely full, full of sickly horrible children. Despite having a roomy s....

26 hours door to door then more

21 October 2017

Melbourne-Airport-Singapore Airlines-Lounge - 26 hours door to door then more

Melbourne airport via skybus to the Singapore Airlines lounge

3rd year in a row going to Japan at this time. Decaying leaf matter has proven far too exciting for me to resist so I must return and marvel at th....

Totally full and uncomfortable

5 March 2017

Singapore-Singapore Airlines-Airbus A380 - Totally full and uncomfortable

Melbourne to Singapore on a Singapore airlines Airbus A380

Normally my flight stories talk about an entire row of seats to myself. Not this time. My 7.5 hour flight to Singapore was totally full. I do not ....

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