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Not worth my effort

26 April 2023

Korea-Seoul-Singapore-Airport - Not worth my effort

Seoul to Singapore on an A350

Now I am in Singapore. The flight was uneventful but very full, I did not spot an empty seat. The food was decent. No one nearby seemed too sick b....

Leaving Korea

26 April 2023

Korea-Seoul-Airport-Incheon - Leaving Korea

Incheon airport on the Arex

Now I am at Incheon airport. It is far from Seoul as I have written previously, but I took the Arex express train so it is only about 45 minutes a....

Late night disaster

30 March 2023

Korea-Incheon-Airport - Late night disaster

Arriving in Seoul

It is now Sunday morning not Saturday night. I hoped to be out hiking by now, but no. Getting here was a disaster as my hotel cancelled my booking....

Emphysemic I hope?

30 March 2023

Singapore-Airport-Lounge - Emphysemic I hope?

Melbourne to Singapore on an Airbus A350

I do not have much time so lets crank this out. The plane was completely full, do not let the photo below fool you, I do not think there was a sp....

Early morning drunken fighting

30 March 2023

Melbourne-Airport - Early morning drunken fighting

Melbourne airport

I have now completed the most dangerous part of my journey, walking from my home to the Skybus in central Melbourne at 3:30am on Easter Saturday. ....

5 hours between flights

25 November 2023

Cairns-Airport - 5 hours between flights

Tokyo to Cairns on a Virgin 737 max

I had an entire row to myself on the plane which was less than half full. They cannot continue with this service forever like this. Not that I am ....

Departure zone

24 November 2023

Japan-Tokyo-Airport - Departure zone

Tokyo Haneda airport

After checking in and going through security, I realised I probably should have got my dinner before going through security. So my top tip is, eat....

New airport briefly

28 October 2023

Cairns-Airport - New airport briefly

Cairns Airport

I am currently in the Cairns international departure hall for the first time in my life. It is tiny. The domestic terminal was surprisingly huge a....

Stage one of two on a tiny jet

28 October 2023

Melbourne-Cairns-Airport-Virgin 737 - Stage one of two on a tiny jet

Melbourne to Cairns

Just over a year ago, I was all set to head off to Japan after having cancelled the 2 previous years due to the ongoing pandemonium. Everything wa....

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