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Between flights

21 November 2019

Japan-Tokyo-Hong Kong-Narita-Airport - Between flights

Tokyo Narita to Hong Kong on Hong Kong Airlines

I said there might be one more update, here it is. I am now in Hong Kong. No signs of a riot. I cant type for long as I need to get about 10,000 m....

Bike pump

26 October 2019

Hong Kong-Airport-Lounge - Bike pump

How to kill 8 hours in Hong Kong airport

My flight to Hong Kong was comfortable and less than half full. I had the entire middle block to myself and could have laid down, but did not. In ....

I do not care if I am late

26 October 2019

Melbourne-Airport-The House-Lounge - I do not care if I am late

Eating breakfast at the house lounge in Melbourne airport

OK, so as happens every November, I am heading to Japan for 4 weeks to climb mountains, shoot at typhoons and annoy the new Emperor. This time I w....

The shortest update

22 July 2019

Abu Dhabi-Airport-Lounge - The shortest update

Going from Heathrow to Abu Dhabi on an Etihad Airbus A380

Now I am back in the Etihad lounge at Abu Dhabi airport eating waffles. The flight was fine, an Airbus A380, completely full. 7 hour leg. The onl....

Hot and dirty

6 July 2019

France-Paris-Airport-Train - Hot and dirty

Flying to Paris on an Etihad A380

It is hot in Paris, and very dirty. Thats my update. This will be another update with very boring photos. It is OK to scroll. Rewind a bit, and w....

The longest leg

6 July 2019

Abu Dhabi-Airport-Lounge-Etihad - The longest leg

Flying to Abu Dhabi in economy on an Etihad 10 abreast 777 - Abu Dhabi lounge pics included

Warning! Boring airport photos ahead. Thankfully my legs are not that long. I fit in 10 abreast oversold economy just fine. Also rumors of....

The ridiculous preamble

5 July 2019

Melbourne-Airport-Etihad - The ridiculous preamble

Getting to Melbourne Airport on the Skybus

Disclaimer 1 of many: This is a work trip, do not expect the usual level of nonsense, do not expect the twice a day updates, do not expect ....

Only one airport photo

25 April 2019

Hong Kong-Airport - Only one airport photo

Killing time before heading to Hong Kong airport

I am at the airport. It is time to go home. I am only taking one photo of the airport, and that is because it is of the mountain I climbed yesterd....

I have found my salvation

11 April 2019

Hong Kong-Airport - I have found my salvation

Flying to Hong Kong on a Hong Kong Airlines A330 and getting to the Salvation Army Booth Lodge

One lousy photo? Yes indeed. Now I am in Hong Kong. Not only am I in Hong Kong, I am at the Salvation Army. Lets work backwards and try for some s....

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