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5 hours between flights

25 November 2023

Cairns-Airport - 5 hours between flights

Tokyo to Cairns on a Virgin 737 max

I had an entire row to myself on the plane which was less than half full. They cannot continue with this service forever like this. Not that I am ....

Departure zone

24 November 2023

Japan-Tokyo-Airport - Departure zone

Tokyo Haneda airport

After checking in and going through security, I realised I probably should have got my dinner before going through security. So my top tip is, eat....

New airport briefly

28 October 2023

Cairns-Airport - New airport briefly

Cairns Airport

I am currently in the Cairns international departure hall for the first time in my life. It is tiny. The domestic terminal was surprisingly huge a....

Stage one of two on a tiny jet

28 October 2023

Melbourne-Cairns-Airport-Virgin 737 - Stage one of two on a tiny jet

Melbourne to Cairns

Just over a year ago, I was all set to head off to Japan after having cancelled the 2 previous years due to the ongoing pandemonium. Everything wa....

Phase 3 of 3 - Jewel shower

23 May 2023

Singapore-Shopping-Airport-Jewel - Phase 3 of 3 - Jewel shower

Jewel Changi airport

The rare third update. Probably the final update! Although because 2 trips ago the bus broke down after arriving back in Melbourne, sometimes I po....

Singapore arrival

22 May 2023

Taiwan-Singapore-Taoyuan Airport - Singapore arrival

Taipei to Singapore on a Boeing 787

Well, now I am in Singapore. It is late for me, a quarter to midnight! So this will be brief and nonsensical. All my transfers in both Taipei and....

Full discombobulation

28 April 2023

Taiwan-Airport-Train-Food - Full discombobulation

Arriving in Taipei on a Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Well I am here now, I think. It took a really long time to get here. Felt a lot longer than getting to South Korea even though Taiwan is closer to....

Slow motion sex scenes on repeat

28 April 2023

Singapore-Airport-Lounge - Slow motion sex scenes on repeat

Melbourne to Singapore on an Airbus A350

Now I am in Singapore. I have already been here a few hours, and have a few to go, so time to exaggerate and make some stuff up about the flight. ....

Leaving just before midnight sux

27 April 2023

Melbourne-Airport-Singapore Airlines - Leaving just before midnight sux

Melbourne airport

So at the time of writing, war has not broken out in Taiwan. Surprising perhaps. Time for the disclaimer: everything I type here is ill informed, ....

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