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5 hours between flights

25 November 2023

Cairns-Airport - 5 hours between flights

Tokyo to Cairns on a Virgin 737 max

I had an entire row to myself on the plane which was less than half full. They cannot continue with this service forever like this. Not that I am ....

Maxing out

28 October 2023

Cairns-Tokyo-Boeing 737 - Maxing out

Flying to Tokyo on a Boeing 737 Max

A rare third update. This level of multiple updates only happens on my journey to my destination. Although this 3rd update is a bit different and ....

New airport briefly

28 October 2023

Cairns-Airport - New airport briefly

Cairns Airport

I am currently in the Cairns international departure hall for the first time in my life. It is tiny. The domestic terminal was surprisingly huge a....

Stage one of two on a tiny jet

28 October 2023

Melbourne-Cairns-Airport-Virgin 737 - Stage one of two on a tiny jet

Melbourne to Cairns

Just over a year ago, I was all set to head off to Japan after having cancelled the 2 previous years due to the ongoing pandemonium. Everything wa....

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