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And now for the view

3 May 2018

China-Hangzhou-West Lake-Temple of God - And now for the view

City God pavilion of Hangzhou

Hangzhou was nice the last time I came here, apart from the areas that were huge muddy holes in the ground with all the buildings removed on both ....

The temple run

1 November 2017

Japan-Kyoto-Osaka-Temple-Shrine - The temple run

Exploring every Kyoto temple and shrine on foot

Now I am in Osaka, its only 30 minutes from Kyoto on the cheap $5 train. Therefore, I had time to visit all the temples in Kyoto this morning befo....

Huge number of steps

25 March 2017

Taiwan-Puli-Hiking-Temple - Huge number of steps

Hiking in Puli to a remote unnamed temple

Right now I have done 55,800 steps today. Close to a record. I still have to go and find dinner, so I will set a new personal best. Exciting times....

Chicken tower

21 March 2017

Taiwan-Tainan-Chicken Tower-Temple-Ramen - Chicken tower

Chihkan town in Tainan

Tonight I wandered off in the direction of the west central district with nothing in partuclar in mind other than finding dinner. Little did I kno....

Razor wire defeat

17 March 2017

Taiwan-Kaohsiung-Monkeys-Temple-Beach - Razor wire defeat

Fa-shing buddhist temple and lots of monkeys

Kaohsiung has a city mountain. It is called either longevity mountain, or monkey mountain. Whilst as you will see monkey mountain is apt, I think ....

The unrelenting downpour

13 March 2014

Japan-Kyoto-Rain-Temple-Kinkajuji - The unrelenting downpour

The rain did indeed come as predicted. I think its only supposed to last today. It never stopped raining, but then never rained hard either. Still....

Night temple

12 March 2014

Japan-Kyoto-Temple-Gion-Okonomiyaki - Night temple

I was surprised to find that some of the temples and surrounding gardens are open at night. By open I mean, you can walk all around the buildings ....

Deer overload

12 March 2014

Japan-Nara-Temple-Hiking-Deer - Deer overload

Today I went to Nara, one of the top tourist cities in all of Japan. It is a much bigger city than I realised, I discovered this once on top of a ....

Ancient dune buggy street

31 March 2013

China-Chongqing-Ciqikou-Temple - Ancient dune buggy street

Listed as a tourist attraction is the ancient pottery street called Ci Qi Kou. I expected this to be a modern re creation of an ancient street wit....

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