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Phase 1 of 3 complete

23 May 2023

Singapore-Chinatown - Phase 1 of 3 complete

Singapore Chinatown area

I think today will be a 3 update day. First update, sleeping in the crap hotel was crap, bed too hard, went to sleep after 1AM, still woke up at 6....

Wet cold and windy

19 July 2019

England-London-Chinatown - Wet cold and windy

Inside Tottenham stadium, walking around china town and M&M's world

Now the real London has arrived. It has been cold wet and windy all day. The start of this evening was probably the driest part of the day, but no....

Back to daylight

21 April 2019

China-Guangzhou-Hong Kong-Train - Back to daylight

Going to Hong Kong from Guangzhou on the new high speed rail

Now I am back in Hong Kong, and despite being under 100km away from Guangzhou, it is not raining, it is quite bright, and very hot. I suspect the ....

Final Guangzhou dampening

20 April 2019

China-Guangzhou-Ramen - Final Guangzhou dampening

Exploring the underground malls of the glitzy Tianhe area of Guangzhou

Tomorrow I will go back to Hong Kong. I will not need to go outside to get to my Hotel in Hong Kong. My hotel in Gunagzhou is in a mall that conne....

The darkest of places

20 April 2019

China-Guangzhou-Rain - The darkest of places

Day turns to night and the surprise used HiFi gear shopping centre

I think yesterday I wrote something like 'I bet it doesnt rain at all tomorrow'. Well I lost that bet. It rained and rained and rained, and I mana....

More of the same

19 April 2019

China-Guangzhou-Architecture - More of the same

The interconnected skyscraper city of Guangzhou

I decided to heed the warning of terrible weather and go somewhere where I knew I could head straight underground into a huge shopping and dining ....

Trapped in a thunderstorm

19 April 2019

China-Guangzhou-Rain-Lotus Hill - Trapped in a thunderstorm

Getting to and from Lotus mountain near Guangzhou via Shiqi station and a bus

Well, right now on the English language Chinese news, they are advising people in Guangdong province to restrict their outdoor activities due to a....

The quiet river stroll

18 April 2019

China-Guangzhou-Architecture - The quiet river stroll

The amazing modern architecture of Guangzhou

I think it was last night that I walked down to the pearl river, turned around and came back. Tonight I decided to walk down to the pearl river, t....

The industrial wasteland of Foshan

18 April 2019

China-Foshan-Shopping - The industrial wasteland of Foshan

Exploring all the sites of Foshan by train on a daytrip from Guangzhou

Well, now I can say I have been to Foshan, which is something I could not say yesterday. I read on various websites, wikitravel etc that it is an ....

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