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Training day

19 November 2019

Japan-Tokyo-Museum-Train - Training day

The Tokyo Metro Museum in Kasai

Today was my last rest day. Tomorrow, hiking, Thursday, fly home. I had no plan, so I just scrolled around google maps while having my breakfast c....

A bridge between two tunnels

9 November 2019

Japan-Niigata-Yamagata-Train - A bridge between two tunnels

From Niigata to Yamagata on the slow train

Slow train really wasnt that slow. All up about 4 hours door to door. The first train went from Niigata to Yonezawa, through spectacular scenery. ....

Still not in Tokyo

27 October 2019

Japan-Tokyo-Narita-Train - Still not in Tokyo

Hong Kong to Narita on a Hong Kong Airlines A330

Now I am on the very familiar Kesei Skyliner train going from Narita airport to Tokyo, which is far, but fast. I am typing this on the train and t....

Hot and dirty

6 July 2019

France-Paris-Airport-Train - Hot and dirty

Flying to Paris on an Etihad A380

It is hot in Paris, and very dirty. Thats my update. This will be another update with very boring photos. It is OK to scroll. Rewind a bit, and w....

Back to daylight

21 April 2019

China-Guangzhou-Hong Kong-Train - Back to daylight

Going to Hong Kong from Guangzhou on the new high speed rail

Now I am back in Hong Kong, and despite being under 100km away from Guangzhou, it is not raining, it is quite bright, and very hot. I suspect the ....

Procedural challenges

15 April 2019

China-Hong Kong-Guangzhou-Train - Procedural challenges

Travelling from Hong Kong to Guangzhou on the high speed rail

Today was a day of many challenges, and associated crap photos of nothingness. It was again raining when I woke up, I splashed around in Hong Kong....

First of two loops completed

8 April 2019

Korea-Daejeon-Seoul-Train - First of two loops completed

Heading back to Seoul on the KTX to stay at Dormy inn Gangnam

Now I am back in Seoul and as the title suggests, that is the first of 2 loops or the second of 4 loops completed. Actually lets go with second of....

No ticket no passport no talking

4 April 2019

Korea-Daejeon-Train - No ticket no passport no talking

Taking the KTX train to Daejeon

Now I am in Daejeon, in central southern Korea. No one has heard of Daejeon before, not even people that live here. A few unusual things happened ....

The grey and the train

22 November 2018

Japan-Tokyo-Train - The grey and the train

A quick walk to Tokyo Skytree before heading back to Narita airport on the Kesei Skyliner to fly home

Now I am on the train back to Narita airport. In perfect timing the grey gloomy weather has arrived, just as I am leaving. Its impact on me is non....

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