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Outside hotel photo include

16 May 2023

Taiwan-Taichung-Taipei-Train - Outside hotel photo include

Taichung to Taipei on the HSR

Now I am back in Taipei. My last stop in Taiwan, but there will be a bonus 30 hour stop in Singapore on the way home, so for hotel photo lovers, t....

Half soft grand open

15 May 2023

Taiwan-Taichung-Mall - Half soft grand open

Mitsui Lalaport Taichung

Taiwan really wants to be Japan. They had a 50 year try at that, which seemingly did not go that well, despite a recent declaration by a Taiwanese....

Trains and drains

15 May 2023

Taiwan-Taichung-Train - Trains and drains

Taichung station area

I am part pig, part man, proof below. Today is a rest day. So I walked to the old train station, the area which I stayed in last time. It is all n....

Skyscraper district

14 May 2023

Taiwan-Taichung-Beef-Architecture - Skyscraper district

Exploring the Qiqi district of Taichung

First of all, I went back and looked at my previous visit to Taichung from 2014. I now realise I had been to the museum with the giant butterfly b....

Taiwanese grand canyon

14 May 2023

Taiwan-Taichung-Hiking-Huoyan Mountain - Taiwanese grand canyon

Flame Mountain from Tai'an station

Somehow I missed the main spot for taking a photo on flame mountain, oh well, I still got a few half decent shots of the new hot instagram spot fe....

The trendy bit

13 May 2023

Taiwan-Taichung-Night Market - The trendy bit

Feng Chia night market

The Feng Chia night market area is undoubtedly the trendiest and busiest part of Taichung. It might be coming off a low base, but I still thought ....

The restiest of rest days

13 May 2023

Taiwan-Taichung-Museum-Garden - The restiest of rest days

Taichung natural science history museum

First as promised, I had to do my washing (laundry). This required google translate, as I had to buy a card, add value, certain cycles added deter....

2nd Coco rejection

12 May 2023

Taiwan-Taichung-Food-Omurice - 2nd Coco rejection

Yizhong Street Night Market

Another 40,000 step day. Surprising. The dogs are mildly barking. Tomorrow is definitely a rest day, because I am out of clean underpants. Well ou....

Smoke and ladders

12 May 2023

Taiwan-Taichung-Hiking-Dakeng - Smoke and ladders

Dakeng trails 2, 5 and 4

Today I went to a hike I have been on previously. If you look up hiking in Taichung, this will come up at the top of the list. The Dakeng trails a....

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