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11 May 2023

Taiwan-Taichung-Food-Beef - Modernity

Exploring Taichung city hall area

Taichung reminds me of a new large mainland Chinese city. Well the city hall area of the city does, I expect the old station area still looks like....

I am sleeping on a plane for 5 nights

11 May 2023

Taiwan-Keelung-Taichung-Train - I am sleeping on a plane for 5 nights

Keelung to Taichung on mainly the HSR

Hotel photo lovers rejoice. I took 4 photos of the hotel. The reason, the entire very large hotel is themed like the inside of an airliner. The wi....

Trains are awesome

22 March 2014

Taiwan-Taichung-Taipei-Bullet Train - Trains are awesome

Today I went to Taipei by local train, connecting to high speed train, connecting to subway, transferring to subway. To demonstrate how vastly sup....


21 March 2014

Taiwan-Taichung-Food-Vegetarian - Superpowers

My beef noodle soup and chilli overdose from lunch had left me with super powers. This has happened before. They must put something in this soup. ....

I hate buses

21 March 2014

Taiwan-Taichung-Garden-Beef - I hate buses

The Taichung bus system turns any activity into an 8 hour journey. I went to a big park on top of a hill, you would think it would be a popular sp....

Rear of station

20 March 2014

Taiwan-Taichung-Neon-Mall - Rear of station

I was tired from todays ladder climbing, so crap photos of nothing, get lost. I did see the waitresses at Cold Stone Creamery, with a tambourine, ....

Still more mountains

20 March 2014

Taiwan-Taichung-Hiking-Dakeng - Still more mountains

So today I climbed yet another mountain, or series of mountains, I cant be sure. I ended up in a dehydrated state of delirium by the end of it, wh....


19 March 2014

Taiwan-Taichung-Night Market-Fengjia - Tea

Tonight I went to what might be the worlds biggest night market, Fengjia, had a huge multicourse tea flavoured dinner, and took some boring photos....

Newer Taichung

19 March 2014

Taiwan-Taichung-Museum-Xitun - Newer Taichung

I have found the newer part of Taichung. It is about 8km away from what is called central Taichung, soon to be renamed Taichung old city, in an ar....

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