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Mini update

22 May 2023

Taiwan-Taipei-Mall - Mini update

Last lap of Zhongxiao Fuxing

I plan to post a second update tonight from Singapore, which will involve hotel pics from Singapore, plus the various boring airport photos people....

Half soft grand open

15 May 2023

Taiwan-Taichung-Mall - Half soft grand open

Mitsui Lalaport Taichung

Taiwan really wants to be Japan. They had a 50 year try at that, which seemingly did not go that well, despite a recent declaration by a Taiwanese....

Complete waste of a day

5 May 2018

China-Hangzhou-Rain-Shopping Mall - Complete waste of a day

The modern malls of Hangzhou

As you shall soon see, it is raining, it is really raining a lot, it is raining so much that I cant even walk around in the street because its all....

Monday night madness

30 April 2018

China-Wuhan-Pedestrian Street-Mall - Monday night madness

Exploring the Wuhan pedestrian street

Tomorrow is a national holiday, May day, you have all probably seen the traffic and transport chaos that national holidays cause in China. Form wh....

Named in my honor

22 April 2018

China-Zhengzhou-Food-Mall - Named in my honor

The modern malls and great food of Zhengzhou

Tonight I went to........ David Plaza! They finally named a giant shopping mall in my honor, and what a mall it was, the best mall I ever went to ....


22 April 2018

China-Zhengzhou-Park-Mall-Walk - Windwalker

Walking a great loop of the tree lined city of Zhengzhou

Brace yourself for a huge barrage of grey wind swept photos of every day life in Zhengzhou. I went on a HUUUUGE walk, over 30km, just going wherev....

The most China of places I have ever been

20 April 2018

China-Zhengzhou-Mall-Pedestrian Street-Food - The most China of places I have ever been

Wholesale fabric markets of Zhengzhou

Zhengzhou is a lot different to Beijing! It seems to be a tier of development below Chongqing, which up until now was the most China of places I h....

Here are your shops

11 November 2017

Japan-Yokohama-Shopping Street-Mall-Food - Here are your shops

The red brick shopping warehouses of Yokohama

Apparently I am doing requests now. Yokohama does have lots of shops. There are department stores, underground malls, long open air malls etc. Ton....

Surprisingly great

4 November 2017

Japan-Kobe-Ferris Wheel-Mall-Food - Surprisingly great

The bustling harborside area of Kobe

As I mentioned above, I have been to Kobe twice before but never stayed here. I think I have always gone to Sannomiya station and then headed up t....

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