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Back to the dong

5 April 2023

Korea-Daegu-Pasta - Back to the dong

DongDaegu station area

Each time I have come to Daegu, when I leave I go back to the high speed rail station and remember that it has a huge department store and probabl....

Kicking around Gangnam

1 April 2023

Korea-Seoul-Gangnam-Pasta - Kicking around Gangnam

Global Taekwondo Headquarters

I exited my hotel and spotted a hill to walk up. This would seem like a ridiculous thing to do because I had been climbing hills all day, but when....

Double food court mall repeat

4 November 2023

Japan-Hiroshima-Pasta-Mall - Double food court mall repeat

Aeon mall Hiroshima Fuchu

Before we get to the excitement of the mall, this afternoon I had to collect my train pass. I bought a couple of different train passes before the....

Closed on Monday

8 May 2023

Taiwan-Keelung-Night Market-Pasta - Closed on Monday

Keelung night market on a Monday

I had done a bit of research for my dinner, selecting a few options in the nearby area. Google maps has great photo integration for restaurants in....


2 May 2023

Taiwan-Taipei-Ximending-Pasta - Sunhenge

Pasta and a sunset in Ximending

I went to Ximending the night that I arrived, after 36 hours of not sleeping. It is a couple of streets over from my hotel and one of the busiest ....

A different way down

6 November 2022

Korea-Seoul-Namsan-Pasta - A different way down

The usual view from Namsan but down the other side

By now it is a well established tradition that every time I come to Seoul I take a trot up Namsan, look at the very phallic Seoul tower, take a fe....

Under the bridge

10 June 2022

Korea-Yeosu-Food-Pasta - Under the bridge

Yeosu harbourside walk

Tomorrow I plan to walk a loop over the bridges, so this evening I walked under one of the bridges. This took me to an area filled with seaside at....

More sewer time

22 May 2022

Korea-Seoul-Food-Pasta - More sewer time

Eating dinner the at the first place I could find

OK, so someone ate a Pangolin, and now they have monkey pox, and they came to Australia and a few other places, and so now Korea is debating if th....

The town that got bypassed

2 November 2019

Japan-Maebashi-Pasta - The town that got bypassed

Visiting Maebashi, which has no Shinkansen station

Where I am staying, Takasaki, has a major Shinkansen station where two lines split and go in other directions. There are also 4 or 5 other normal ....

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