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A whole ferry load of my laundry

7 November 2023

Japan-Hiroshima-Matsuyama-Ferry - A whole ferry load of my laundry

Hiroshima to Matsuyama ferry

Now I am in Matsuyama. I came here by ferry. Well, let me elaborate, tram, ferry, train, walk, laundry, walk. First of all, there are some tram w....

The outer loop

6 November 2023

Japan-Hiroshima-Museum - The outer loop

Hiroshima bomb dome and peace park

My last night in Hiroshima. It rained briefly, but not at a time that bothered me in the slightest. Last time I was here it rained every night. Fo....

Pancake night

5 November 2023

Japan-Hiroshima-Okonomiyaki - Pancake night

Shintechi Okonomimura

Hiroshima is proud of their flavour of Okonomiyaki. I think it is my preferred non fishy kind. Always with the sauce on the top. They are so proud....

Double loop pollution view

5 November 2023

Japan-Hiroshima-Hiking-Miyajima - Double loop pollution view

Miyajima Omoto course and Tsusumigaura nature walk

It was supposed to be raining when I woke up. It was clear blue sky. Still is. I spent the day on Miyajima and took a lot of photos. Unfortunately....

Double food court mall repeat

4 November 2023

Japan-Hiroshima-Pasta-Mall - Double food court mall repeat

Aeon mall Hiroshima Fuchu

Before we get to the excitement of the mall, this afternoon I had to collect my train pass. I bought a couple of different train passes before the....

Mystery hike to abandoned park

4 November 2023

Japan-Hiroshima-Hiking-Shimoyama - Mystery hike to abandoned park

Today's hike was a surprise in many ways. It is not a well known hike. There is no trail on google maps, nothing on alltrails, but there are a cou....

Much of it is new

3 November 2023

Japan-Hiroshima-Shopping-Udon - Much of it is new

Hiroshima shopping area

Let me check when I was last here... November 2015. It rained much of the time I was here then. Anyway, 8 years later and quite a lot has changed ....

Travelling on a national holiday

3 November 2023

Japan-Tokyo-Hiroshima-Shinkansen - Travelling on a national holiday

Tokyo to Hiroshima by Shinkansen

Now I am in Hiroshima. It took 4 hours on the fast train to get here but it was 20 minutes late. Today is also a national holiday, culture day. I ....

Giant phallus

20 November 2015

Japan-Hiroshima-Shimonoseki-Shinkansen - Giant phallus

From Hiroshima to Shimonoseki on the Shinkansen

Now I am in Shimonoseki, home of banished samurai and the deadly puffer fish fugu. The local spelling of fugu is of course, fuku, so you can laugh....

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