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Fights, floods and arguments

10 November 2023

Japan-Matsuyama-Osaka - Fights, floods and arguments

Matsuyama to Osaka by train

Today was a bit of an ordeal, I will try to be succinct. First it was raining, which is no big deal, as it is basically an all day travel day, and....

Three nights is probably enough

9 November 2023

Japan-Matsuyama-Ramen - Three nights is probably enough

More ramen in Matsuyama

Hmm, I think Matsuyama has less busy areas than the population should warrant. Earlier today I saw many views of the entire city, and it looks ver....

Dogo is Japanese for dog

9 November 2023

Japan-Matsuyama-Castle-Onsen - Dogo is Japanese for dog

Dogo Onsen and Matsuyama castle

Today I did all the tourist things that there are to do in Matsuyama. As far as I can tell, there are 2, Dogo Onsen, and the elevated castle that ....

Emergency hot chocolate

8 November 2023

Japan-Matsuyama-Food - Emergency hot chocolate

More Matsuyama night

I left my room and everywhere was full of tall thin white guys that looked like they could play Nazi officers in a Hollywood movie. This was highl....

Highest around

8 November 2023

Japan-Matsuyama-Hiking-Mount Takanawa - Highest around

Mount Takanawa from Iyo-Hojo station

Naturally when you go to a place you have never been to before, the first thing you do is scroll the map and find the highest mountain possible to....

No view roof garden

7 November 2023

Japan-Matsuyama-Ramen - No view roof garden

Matsuyama shopping areas

Now I have seen Matsuyama. At least the connected by covered shopping streets dual central areas. It is a little quiet, but does have a large shop....

A whole ferry load of my laundry

7 November 2023

Japan-Hiroshima-Matsuyama-Ferry - A whole ferry load of my laundry

Hiroshima to Matsuyama ferry

Now I am in Matsuyama. I came here by ferry. Well, let me elaborate, tram, ferry, train, walk, laundry, walk. First of all, there are some tram w....

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