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Long waste of a day

14 November 2023

Japan-Osaka-Kyoto - Long waste of a day

Osaka to Kyoto by local train

I could have walked here. Maybe that is a plan for another trip? Anyway, today I set out and succeeded in wasting the whole day getting from Osaka....

Korea practice

13 November 2023

Japan-Osaka-food-bibimbap - Korea practice

Bibimbap in Osaka

Currently I plan to go back to Korea for the 6th time next April. I have been going there a lot since COVID because Japan kept me locked out. So w....

Ruined sea of cloud

13 November 2023

Japan-Osaka-Takeda-Castle - Ruined sea of cloud

Takeda castle ruins day trip

It took 2 trains to get there and 4 trains to get back. 2 hours there 3.5 hours back. It was raining but not enough for me to get wet. There was a....

Illuminated with 2 kinds of meat

12 November 2023

Japan-Osaka-Shinsekai-Tennoji - Illuminated with 2 kinds of meat

Namba to Tennoji via Shinsekai

Now it is a bit cold and windy. Time for an nice evening walk then. My route was south east, through the giant upward sloping Namba parks mall whi....

Grey wedding day of not much going on

12 November 2023

Japan-Osaka-Shrine - Grey wedding day of not much going on

Sumiyoshi Taisha Osaka

Rest day with no plan. The 2nd of this trip, the first one was day 3 in Tokyo when I went to a park. Are you ready for a grey day for a walk throu....

One street to the right

11 November 2023

Japan-Osaka-Namba-Umeda - One street to the right

Namba to Umeda in Osaka

I remember walking from Namba to Umeda on a previous visit. It is really not very far. I also remember eating a pizza in Umeda, and my joke then w....

Damp rissoles

10 November 2023

Japan-Osaka-Dotonbori-Food - Damp rissoles

Osaka Namba shopping area

Osaka is a real city. It is full of tourists. My hotel is right in the middle of the peak tourist area so what did I expect? Also I am one of the ....

Fights, floods and arguments

10 November 2023

Japan-Matsuyama-Osaka - Fights, floods and arguments

Matsuyama to Osaka by train

Today was a bit of an ordeal, I will try to be succinct. First it was raining, which is no big deal, as it is basically an all day travel day, and....

The wind arrived

4 November 2017

Japan-Osaka-Kobe-Shinsaibashi - The wind arrived

Getting from Osaka to Kobe is really easy

Right now its really windy, maybe another typhoon! I doubt it, I would have heard about it, although I had no real idea about the last one. I am n....

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