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Back to the start

18 November 2023

Japan-Kyoto-Tokyo-Shinkansen - Back to the start

Kyoto to Tokyo by Shinkansen

Allow me to tell my day in reverse order with minimal supporting photos in a very succinct format. I have been typing too much. My hotel is the s....

Buddha loves Amex

17 November 2023

Japan-Kyoto-Temple-Curry - Buddha loves Amex

Sannenzaka and Kiyomizu-dera

Before I get to why Buddha loves Amex, which is amazing, let me go on for a bit of a rant about my laundry. I googled coin laundry, there were 3 ....

Night of the long corridors

16 November 2023

Japan-Kyoto-Shopping - Night of the long corridors

Kyoto covered shopping areas

Look closely at tonight's pics, none of them are outside. My hotel has a corridor that goes to a lift (elevator) that goes down to the subway. Thi....

Behind the station

15 November 2023

Japan-Kyoto-Food - Behind the station

Kyoto station area

I forgot to go to the helicopter pad on the top. I like the Kyoto station, it is very modern and vertical, with a roof garden, which I forgot to g....

Most of the main drag

14 November 2023

Japan-Kyoto-Omurice - Most of the main drag

Kyoto shopping area

Everyone who has been to Japan has been to Kyoto and walked up and down the main shopping street to the shrine at the end, past the 2 x covered sh....

Long waste of a day

14 November 2023

Japan-Osaka-Kyoto - Long waste of a day

Osaka to Kyoto by local train

I could have walked here. Maybe that is a plan for another trip? Anyway, today I set out and succeeded in wasting the whole day getting from Osaka....

The temple run

1 November 2017

Japan-Kyoto-Osaka-Temple-Shrine - The temple run

Exploring every Kyoto temple and shrine on foot

Now I am in Osaka, its only 30 minutes from Kyoto on the cheap $5 train. Therefore, I had time to visit all the temples in Kyoto this morning befo....

Halloween was Saturday

31 October 2017

Japan-Kyoto-Zenkoji-Food-Ramen - Halloween was Saturday

The abandoned streets of Higashiyama

Apparently Halloween was Saturday, not yesterday, and not today as it should have been, but Saturday. Japan will move any event so it doesnt clash....


31 October 2017

Japan-Kyoto-Kurama-Hiking-Shrine - Thwarted

The Kurama to Kibune hike was blocked by typhoon damage

Thwarted is one of my favourite words. Normally because I use it to describe how I prevented someone else from achieving their nefarious goals. To....

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