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They let me in!

16 May 2023

Taiwan-Taipei-Omurice-Night Market - They let me in!

Rainbow bridge and Raohe night market

I finally managed to be allowed to eat at a Japanese curry franchise fast food restaurant in Taiwan, the Coco challenge has been conquered. More o....

2nd Coco rejection

12 May 2023

Taiwan-Taichung-Food-Omurice - 2nd Coco rejection

Yizhong Street Night Market

Another 40,000 step day. Surprising. The dogs are mildly barking. Tomorrow is definitely a rest day, because I am out of clean underpants. Well ou....

Lizards and ducks

7 May 2023

Taiwan-Yilan-Food-Omurice - Lizards and ducks

Non food court dinner in Yilan

Last night in Yilan. As threatened I decided to see if there's more to it that first meets the eye. Not really. The University area is another bus....


19 November 2022

Korea-Daejeon-Food-Omurice - Illuminated

A quick visit to Daejeon Lotte for dinner

It was not a long outing this evening but it was illuminating. I stumbled onto some lights in a park that are one of many festivals the local Daej....

The earlier rain was but a fine mist

5 June 2022

Korea-Busan-Food-Omurice - The earlier rain was but a fine mist

Heavy rain in Busan

Streets are now flooded. I had to stick completely to the underground subway malls to go to the department store to get omurice. The photos are cr....

Surprise downpour whilst tired

13 November 2017

Japan-Tokyo-Ginza-Rain-Food-Omurice - Surprise downpour whilst tired

Ginza in the rain

I had planned to catch the train past Ginza, walk all the way back through Ginza, see lots of lights, gawk at eastern Europeans, then there was a ....

Saturation point

22 October 2017

Japan-Tokyo-Ikebukuro-Typhoon-Food-Omurice - Saturation point

Sunshine city in Ikebukuro

The rare 3rd update in a single day eventuated, silly because I have had very little to photograph or talk about. I am however starting to believ....

The old and the new

20 March 2017

Taiwan-Tainan-Department Store-Omurice - The old and the new

The old Hayashi department store

After the excitement of the last 4 days enjoying the city whos name cannot be mentioned, can Tainan possibly maintain the hype? Will it be a huge ....

So happy to give information please sit

29 October 2016

Japan-Sapporo-Food-Omurice - So happy to give information please sit

The underground heated shopping streets of Sapporo

I had some administrative requirements to take care of. First of all, I needed to book 3 train tickets for the next 3 legs of my journey so that I....

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