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Rainy train day

8 May 2023

Taiwan-Yilan-Keelung-Train - Rainy train day

Yilan to Keelung by train

Now I am in Keelung. Which is pronounced Geelong. But apparently, Geelong is not named after Keelung, I looked that up to check. The rain finally ....

Lizards and ducks

7 May 2023

Taiwan-Yilan-Food-Omurice - Lizards and ducks

Non food court dinner in Yilan

Last night in Yilan. As threatened I decided to see if there's more to it that first meets the eye. Not really. The University area is another bus....

No see view of sea

7 May 2023

Taiwan-Yilan-Hiking-Caoling Trail-Hiking - No see view of sea

Caoling trail from Fulong station to Dali station

A double up of hiking, yesterday and today. Today's was a bit easier, 12km or 20,000 steps, and only about 600m of elevation gain, all on develope....

Am I staying in the wrong city?

6 May 2023

Taiwan-Yilan-Luodong-Night Market - Am I staying in the wrong city?

Yilan to Luodong by train for dinner

No really, should I have spent 3 nights in Luodong instead of Yilan? I look at the map of Taiwan a lot and this is my 5th time here and I had neve....

Matcha latte missionary trail

6 May 2023

Taiwan-Yilan-Hiking-Marian trail - Matcha latte missionary trail

Marian / Shengmu / Matcha hiking trail

Today's hike has about 9 different names. You can find it referred to as Marian or St Marian's hiking trail, the sacred mother trail, Shengmu hiki....

I have seen it now

5 May 2023

Taiwan-Yilan-Food-Night Market - I have seen it now

Exploring Yilan at night

My computer just threw a blue screen of death! That never happened before. I don't think I lost any data. Very annoying!!! OK, my title might be ....

First class cake experience

5 May 2023

Taiwan-Taipei-Yilan-Train - First class cake experience

Taipei to Yilan on the Tze-Chiang Limited Express

Now I am in Yilan. I have not been here before. To get here I went all out and bought a first class ticket for the just over 1 hour journey. This ....

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