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Hilarious bus ride

9 June 2022

Korea-Busan-Yeosu-Train - Hilarious bus ride

From Busan to Yeosu on the slow train and bus

Now I am in Yeosu, in the middle south bit of the Korean mainland, I have not been here before. Yeosu is famous for the 'World Exposition Yeosu Ko....

Mission completed

8 June 2022

Korea-Busan-View - Mission completed

Busan Chinatown and Lotte store roof

I set myself 2 missions to complete in Busan during my previous diatribes and tonight I completed both. 1. Photograph the Hotel cat, completed. He....

Over the hill to the beach with a bridge

8 June 2022

Korea-Busan-Hiking-Hwangnyeongsan - Over the hill to the beach with a bridge

Hiking over Hwangnyeongsan to Gwangalli beach

Last day in Busan, last hike in Busan. I selected a small mountain, so small you can drive to the top via a toll road. It is called Hwangnyeongsan....

Eating Bibimbap and not much else

7 June 2022

Korea-Busan-Food-Bibimbap - Eating Bibimbap and not much else

Briefly exploring Beomil in Busan

My legs were a bit worn out this evening so I did not go far and took only a handful of boring photos. Why does handful not have two l's on the en....

Small bonus mountain

7 June 2022

Korea-Busan-Hiking-Taejongdae - Small bonus mountain

Hiking around Yeongdo island to Taejongdae

Today was supposed to be a small activity, take a short walk over the bridge, walk around an island, come back again, go do my washing (laundry). ....

Extreme clarity

6 June 2022

Korea-Busan-Food-Doria - Extreme clarity

Wandering around locally in Busan enjoying the clear view

The rain sure does make it clear. It rained again briefly while I was out, but I did not mind, I was wandering about enjoying being able to see pa....

My moistened path

6 June 2022

Korea-Busan-Hiking-Jangsan - My moistened path

Hiking over Jangsan from Jangsan station

Before we get into it, just now on the TV behind me in my hotel room was an ad for a new robot. It is about 3 feet high, and on a base similar to ....

The earlier rain was but a fine mist

5 June 2022

Korea-Busan-Food-Omurice - The earlier rain was but a fine mist

Heavy rain in Busan

Streets are now flooded. I had to stick completely to the underground subway malls to go to the department store to get omurice. The photos are cr....


5 June 2022

Korea-Busan-Rain-Gamcheon - Soaked

Gamcheon in the rain

First of all, some congratulations are in order. 1. The Busan ministry of weather correctly forecast the rain. 2. The Busan department of roads an....

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