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On the bus

17 March 2015

Korea-Busan-Gwangju-Bus - On the bus

Taking the bus from Busan to Gwangju

Today I caught a bus to Gwangju, the smallest city I will be visiting with a population of only 1.5 million people. As discussed above, I had no t....

Barbecue zoo

16 March 2015

Korea-Busan-Department Store-Barbecue - Barbecue zoo

Department store roof top zoo

My legs are stuffed from todays hike, they feel fantastic, going up stairs 2 at a time I can just get to the top of the subway exit before total m....

Last mountain in Busan

16 March 2015

Korea-Busan-Hiking-Gudeoksan - Last mountain in Busan

Hiking Gudeoksan in Busan

Today is my last day in Busan, so today will be the last day of seemingly endless mountains to climb in Busan. Unfortunately, the view today is ob....

I shrunk my pants

15 March 2015

Korea-Busan-Food-Ramen - I shrunk my pants

Eating Ramen in Busan

I think using a dryer on my clothes earlier has shrunk my pants. At least I hope thats whats happened, otherwise I really need to step up my mount....

Pirate cove

15 March 2015

Korea-Busan-Beach-Songdo - Pirate cove

The hike around the Ocean at Songdo

As I type this I am doing my washing and watching the grand prix, which has about 3 cars going around at half pace waiting to blow up. Because of ....

The docks

14 March 2015

Korea-Busan-Omurice - The docks

The fishing boat harbour of Busan

This evening I decided to head down the docks for a while, see if I could find passage on a Russian tralwer to Kamchatka, where I hear they have e....

Mine zone

14 March 2015

Korea-Busan-Hiking-Hwangnyeongsan - Mine zone

Hiking Hwangnyeongsan in Busan

The rain is gone! This means only one thing, to the mountains!!! Yes 3 exclamation marks. Todays mountain is right in the city, which probably mea....

Worlds biggest

13 March 2015

Korea-Busan-Mall-Centrum City - Worlds biggest

The enormous illuminated roof of Busan

It was raining a little tonight, so it was time to head out to see some of the worlds biggest things. One of them a big building, and another the ....

Both beaches

13 March 2015

Korea-Busan-Beach-Haeundae - Both beaches

Waling around Haeundae in Busan

It was a bit cloudy, hazy and polluted today, so as a special treat, no mountain! I am already wishing however that I did a mountain. Instead I we....

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