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24 November 2022

Korea-Seoul-Myeongdong-Curry - Threepeat

A short walk to a familiar meal

Short update will be short. I have now had Abiko curry 3 times on this trip. 1st time at the Lotte young store, vegetarian, super spicy, and it wa....


11 November 2022

Korea-Seoul-Skygarden-Curry - Elevated

Seoullo 7017 Skygarden

Before we get onto tonight, I forgot to tell a story from this morning. When arriving on the first peak, I sat to have some water and a muesli bar....

Getting reacquainted 2

2 June 2022

Korea-Busan-Food-Curry - Getting reacquainted 2

Exploring the Nampo area of Busan

I previously got reacquainted with Daegu. On the same trip in 2015 when I went to Daegu I also went to Busan, so now it is time to get reacquainte....


26 May 2022

Korea-Suwon-Food-Curry - Trackside

Exploring the Suwon station area

Before we get into it, if you read my site in the blog fashion of newest post first, oldest post last which it defaults to if you use the search, ....

Small mountain stroll

23 May 2022

Korea-Seoul-Namsan-Curry - Small mountain stroll

Late afternoon walk up Namsan

Every time I come to Seoul I take a walk up Namsan, shake my head at the lazy people who take the cable car, and then take too many photos of the ....

Off broadway

15 November 2019

Japan-Tokyo-Nakano-Curry - Off broadway

Curry for dinner at Nakano

I have been to Nakano at least twice before. It is very conveniently located from Shinjuku, just one stop on the Chuo rapid line. And since I had ....

Once more to the station

8 November 2019

Japan-Niigata-Food-Curry - Once more to the station

Coco curry in Niigata

Last night in Niigata. I was late heading out after attending to an urgent work situation. Where to go? Oh I know, the station. If you face out o....

Takasaki has a lot of shops

3 November 2019

Japan-Takasaki-Shopping-Curry - Takasaki has a lot of shops

Covered streets and modern malls do battle in Takasaki

Tonight I explored Takasaki. It is quite nice. First I located the old covered shopping street, which is so old they have branded it as such. The....

Finally ran out of puff

27 October 2019

Japan-Tokyo-Ueno-Curry - Finally ran out of puff

Exploring the overhead tracks of Ueno

As the title says. I am exhausted. I cannot go any further. Also astute viewers may notice the addition of a subtitle thing under the title. What ....

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