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Its not Halloween

30 October 2017

Japan-Kyoto-Nijo-Food-Pasta - Its not Halloween

Exploring Sanjo Dori in Kyoto

I thought it was Halloween, I saw no one at all in costume, turns out its tomorrow, thats how much I know about that holiday (is it a holiday in t....

Equal best ever scenery

30 October 2017

Japan-Kyoto-Hiking-Mount Atago-Arashiyama - Equal best ever scenery

Hiking Mount Atago then continuing to Arashiyama via Toriimoto

I am going to cut to the chase. Today was probably the equal best scenery I have experienced in my life, a tie with Yamadera / Omoshiroyama which ....

Better than forecast

29 October 2017

Japan-Kyoto-Shrine-Gion - Better than forecast

The temples and shrines of Gion

The rain vanished at about 5:30pm, thats a full 2.5 hours ahead of the forecast. I was convinced I would be getting wet again when I looked out th....

Rain concentrator

29 October 2017

Japan-Kyoto-Fushimi Inari-Shrine-Rain - Rain concentrator

Fog covers Fushimi Inari shrine

My rain dodging days have come to an end, today I was the single focal point of all the rain in the world. I knew there would be a lot of rain, I ....

Artful rain dodger

28 October 2017

Japan-Kyoto-Gion-Rain-Food-Curry - Artful rain dodger

Exploring Gion in the rain in Kyoto

Now I am in Kyoto and its time for more weather talk dribble. It rained most of the day but somehow I never got wet. I got back to my Shizuoka ho....

Drowning in a sea of tissues

28 October 2017

Japan-Shizuoka-Kyoto-Shrine-Garden-Train - Drowning in a sea of tissues

Sunpu castle and the view from the hills over Shizuoka

Right now I am on the train to Kyoto, a roughly 2 hour trip from Shizuoka on the slow train, and I wished I was on the fast train or walking. You ....

Repeat visits

27 October 2016

Japan-Kyoto-Food-Ramen - Repeat visits

The Kyoto Yodobashi is very large

Sorry to my loyal viewer, but there are not many photos this evening. Main reason for this is, I went back to the same place as last night cause I....

Canyon mountain

27 October 2016

Japan-Kyoto-Hiking-Mount Hiei - Canyon mountain

Hiking Mount Hiei in Kyoto using public transport

After spending some time researching I had selected my Kyoto mountain. There are not huge mountains near Kyoto but there are mountains, I chose wh....

They actually finished one

26 October 2016

Japan-Kyoto-Shopping Street-Mapo Tofu - They actually finished one

The covered shopping streets of Kyoto

Kyoto has been completed. There is nothing under construction. Last time I was here everything was, including the big temple near the station, the....

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