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Drowning in a sea of tissues

28 October 2017

Japan-Shizuoka-Kyoto-Shrine-Garden-Train - Drowning in a sea of tissues

Sunpu castle and the view from the hills over Shizuoka

Right now I am on the train to Kyoto, a roughly 2 hour trip from Shizuoka on the slow train, and I wished I was on the fast train or walking. You ....

Second opinion

27 October 2017

Japan-Shizuoka-Shrine-Food-Ramen - Second opinion

Good cheap ramen in Shizuoka

My first night in Shizuoka, I thought it was all a bit quiet and boring. Then last night I went to a new level of quiet and boring at the other en....

Train to mountain stroll ropeway beach bus

27 October 2017

Japan-Shizuoka-Shrine-Kunozan Toshogu-Hiking - Train to mountain stroll ropeway beach bus

Hiking up and over Kunozantoshogu in Shizuoka

Today I took a train, walked through the city then strolled up a small mountain, took in the view of Fuji, hopped on a short ropeway ride across a....

Mountain goat

26 October 2017

Japan-Shizuoka-Hiking-Mount Ryuso - Mountain goat

Spotting a serow while hiking Mount Ryuso near Shizuoka

As soon as I woke up and looked out the window and saw how blue the sky was, I knew what I had to do, today WOULD be a mountain day, even if the b....

Bus confusion

25 October 2017

Japan-Shizuoka-Shopping Street-Food-Curry - Bus confusion

Understanding the bus routes of Shizuoka

I would like to offer my sincere apologies for the lack of interesting photos today and also this evening. I offer no excuses and promise to do be....

Snot pump

25 October 2017

Japan-Tokyo-Shizuoka-Shinkansen - Snot pump

Shinkansen from Tokyo to Shizuoka

Now I am in Shizuoka, and today we have reached peak mucus. The day started off normally enough, although there are persistent light showers, and....

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