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Favourite dinner

18 November 2019

Japan-Tokyo-Shinjuku-Ramen - Favourite dinner

Eating tomato Ramen in Shinjuku

Tonight I had my favourite thing that you can only get in Japan for the third time. Tomato Ramen. Its ramen cooked in a thick tomato soup, with go....

No sign of tension

16 November 2019

Japan-Tokyo-Koreatown-Ramen - No sign of tension

Koreatown in Shinjuku

If you have been watching the news lately, you will see that tensions between Japan and Korea (South) are very high. Japan seems to be getting on ....

Rain the other way

11 November 2019

Japan-Yamagata-Food-Ramen - Rain the other way

Light rain followed by Ramen in Yamagata

I actually had a plan to go quite a bit further tonight, up a hill and down a street I thought might have a bit of a view of the city lights, howe....

Jacket time

9 November 2019

Japan-Yamagata-Nanukamachi-Ramen - Jacket time

Nanukamachi in Yamagata

Yamagata has 2 areas full of shops and restaurants. The station area is like most station areas, focused on business men and travelers, but Yamaga....

Early night

5 November 2019

Japan-Niigata-Ramen - Early night

Eating Ramen in Niigata

I have to get up early tomorrow, take the early Shinkansen half way back to Takasaki, take the early local train to the deepest station in Japan a....

The station is so station

1 November 2019

Japan-Tokyo-Station-Ramen - The station is so station

Eating ramen at the ramen street at Tokyo station

As skillfully predicted, not many photos tonight. This is one of the things I type often, apology for not many photos. Tonight I had to figure out....

All the neon in all the places

30 October 2019

Japan-Tokyo-Ramen-Kanda - All the neon in all the places

Ueno to Akihabara to Kanda for Sichuan style ramen

Just a short outing tonight, all on foot. I set off through Ueno, passed through Akihabara and then ended up where I was originally booked to stay....

Final Guangzhou dampening

20 April 2019

China-Guangzhou-Ramen - Final Guangzhou dampening

Exploring the underground malls of the glitzy Tianhe area of Guangzhou

Tomorrow I will go back to Hong Kong. I will not need to go outside to get to my Hotel in Hong Kong. My hotel in Gunagzhou is in a mall that conne....

The real actual city

6 April 2019

Korea-Daejeon-Ramen - The real actual city

Eating ramen in central Daejeon

As suggested earlier, tonight I went to the real centre of the city. I missed it until this morning when it was closed, but yeah I already said th....

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