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22 November 2023

Japan-Tokyo-Ueno-Shinjuku - Dayjuku

Ueno to Shinjuku

Shinjuku is not as interesting in the day time. There is no neon. However the nearby garden is very interesting in the day time, even if I have be....

Sky shrine

20 November 2023

Japan-Tokyo-Ueno-Asakusa-Skytree - Sky shrine

Ueno to the skytree via Asakusa

Today was a rest day. A rest day was very much needed too. A rest day for me involves walking to the skytree from Ueno and back again. But now I a....

Salty and hydrated

19 November 2023

Japan-Tokyo-Ueno-Ramen - Salty and hydrated

Tokyo Ueno area

I got a bit dehydrated today, which made the train ride back from the hike a bit annoying, my legs were getting a bit crampy, felt a bit nauseous.....

Finally ran out of puff

27 October 2019

Japan-Tokyo-Ueno-Curry - Finally ran out of puff

Exploring the overhead tracks of Ueno

As the title says. I am exhausted. I cannot go any further. Also astute viewers may notice the addition of a subtitle thing under the title. What ....

Killing time in familiar places

27 October 2019

Japan-Tokyo-Ueno-Akihabara - Killing time in familiar places

Wandering around Ueno and Akihabara on a Sunday afternoon

As mentioned above, my flight and train and other things all added up to get me to Ueno at about 9AM, for a 3PM check in at the hotel. Oh well. De....

Nakano not Nagano

28 October 2018

Japan-Tokyo-Ueno-Nakano - Nakano not Nagano

Exploring the sites and sounds of the Nakano Broadway

As suggested above, I was many hours too early to check into the hotel however the new trainee on the desk greeted me with 'I hope you are an Engl....

Narita procedural update

16 November 2017

Japan-Tokyo-Ueno-Narita - Narita procedural update

Exploring Ueno before heading to the airport

Here is my procedural update from Narita airport. The airport terminal is small and dated, lacking in anything interesting to do, but thats ok its....

For the sake of completeness

10 November 2016

Japan-Tokyo-Ueno-Narita - For the sake of completeness

A lap of Ueno and the train to Narita

Not sake the drink, sake as in for the purpose of, I have never completed or even started sake, for the sake of the sake. I have a few minutes be....

Still alive

3 November 2015

Japan-Tokyo-Ueno-Ameyoko - Still alive

Spending the day at Ameyoko in Ueno

Rumors of my death due to man flu have been slightly exaggerated, instead I remain alive, but near death, at least for the time being. Today is al....

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