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Slow mode engaged

24 November 2023

Japan-Tokyo-Ochanomizu-Nakano - Slow mode engaged

Ochanomizu and Nakano

Time for the long day before the long flight. The key is to do everything slowly, walk, eat, urinate etc. First of all, it is best to stay in your....

Off broadway

15 November 2019

Japan-Tokyo-Nakano-Curry - Off broadway

Curry for dinner at Nakano

I have been to Nakano at least twice before. It is very conveniently located from Shinjuku, just one stop on the Chuo rapid line. And since I had ....

Nakano not Nagano

28 October 2018

Japan-Tokyo-Ueno-Nakano - Nakano not Nagano

Exploring the sites and sounds of the Nakano Broadway

As suggested above, I was many hours too early to check into the hotel however the new trainee on the desk greeted me with 'I hope you are an Engl....

The real Otaku?

26 October 2012

Japan-Tokyo-Nakano-Shinjuku-Omurice - The real Otaku?

Otaku is the Japanese term for people with obsessive interests. In Western culture its nerds. But in Japan its cool. In modern culture Otaku could....

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