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Over castled

16 November 2023

Japan-Himeji-Castle-Shrine - Over castled

Himeji castle and Engyoji shrine

That all took longer than I thought, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Today I did 2.5 activities in Himeji. First the castle which I somehow ....

Castle of failure

15 November 2023

Japan-Hikone-Castle - Castle of failure

Hikone castle

Today was one of the biggest failures in all my travelling history. I got up at 5:45am to get the early train around lake Biwa, connecting to a lo....

Ruined sea of cloud

13 November 2023

Japan-Osaka-Takeda-Castle - Ruined sea of cloud

Takeda castle ruins day trip

It took 2 trains to get there and 4 trains to get back. 2 hours there 3.5 hours back. It was raining but not enough for me to get wet. There was a....

Dogo is Japanese for dog

9 November 2023

Japan-Matsuyama-Castle-Onsen - Dogo is Japanese for dog

Dogo Onsen and Matsuyama castle

Today I did all the tourist things that there are to do in Matsuyama. As far as I can tell, there are 2, Dogo Onsen, and the elevated castle that ....

Old temples and closed castles

6 November 2023

Japan-Castle-Shrine-Onomichi-Fukuyama - Old temples and closed castles

Onomichi and Fukuyama day trip

Today I decided to utilise me Setouchi area pass train thing and ride some bullet trains.. and some normal trains. The pass incorporates the whole....

Pollution day in Karatsu

10 November 2018

Japan-Karatsu-Castle-Hiking - Pollution day in Karatsu

Taking a train to Karatsu, walking along the beach, through a pine forest and up a hill to a garden

Well, today was supposed to be a rest day. Right now I have already done over 40k steps again. Nearly all on roads so for those of you playing alo....

Castles and shopping centres

7 November 2018

Japan-Okinawa-Naha-Castle - Castles and shopping centres

Taking the monorail to Shuri to see the Shurijo castle

Todays post is largely for my mother. I did things my mother will enjoy. My mother is just about the only reader of whats written here, so now I a....

Castle in the fog

8 November 2017

Japan-Gifu-Rain-Fog-Castle-Garden - Castle in the fog

Climbing up the slippery hills to get to Gifu castle

Weather update: Misty fog but still really warm. Health update: Mildly snotty but maybe already getting better? Today I got to use the plethora o....

Last stop

7 November 2016

Japan-Sendai-Tokyo-Castle-Shinkansen - Last stop

A quick trip to the Sendai castle on foot

Now I am back in Tokyo, hark the heralds. I will be here for 3 nights. Then I will be on a plane overnight, then I will be home on Friday. More pr....

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