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18 November 2023

Japan-Tokyo-Ikebukuro-Okonomiyaki - Okonobukuro

Okonomiyaki in Ikebukuro

I edited my reverse documentation of the day from earlier because I had confused Ochanomizu with Okachimachi, which must have thrown everyone for ....

Pancake night

5 November 2023

Japan-Hiroshima-Okonomiyaki - Pancake night

Shintechi Okonomimura

Hiroshima is proud of their flavour of Okonomiyaki. I think it is my preferred non fishy kind. Always with the sauce on the top. They are so proud....

The last supper

20 November 2019

Japan-Tokyo-Shinjuku-Okonomiyaki - The last supper

Eating okonomiyaki in Shinjuku

What to have for my last dinner on this trip other than plane food? Okonomiyaki! It was cold outside, so I headed underground to the Sunbade under....

Leaving port

13 November 2018

Japan-Nagasaki-Okonomiyaki - Leaving port

Cruise ships and Okonomiyaki in Nagasaki

I originally planned to go somewhere else tonight, but as I stepped outside, I heard the unmistakable earth shaking blaring of a ship horn, and I ....


3 November 2017

Japan-Osaka-Shnsekai-Food-Okonomiyaki - Resurrection

Eating Okonomyaki in Shinsekai

For the last few days I have realised the little camera bag that goes with me everywhere has been dying. The zip has been failing and making it ha....

Flipping my own food

1 November 2016

Japan-Sapooro-Mall-Food-Okonomiyaki - Flipping my own food

Eating Okonomiyaki in Sapporo

Tomorrow I go to Hakodate, but first, one last meal in Sapporo. I panned google maps around looking for an apricot shaded area of streets which si....

Places to eat

22 October 2016

Japan-Toyama-Food-Okonomiyaki - Places to eat

Eating Okonomiyaki in Toyama

Toyama has lots of places to eat. I identified 3 places I want to eat at and I am only here 2 nights. Such a terrible dilemma. I would still rate ....

Too many places to eat

15 November 2015

Japan-Hiroshima-Shopping Street-Food-Okonomiyaki - Too many places to eat

Eating Okonomiyaki at Okonomimura in Hiroshima

Hiroshima is chock full of tourists, which means its much better set up for shopping and eating than Nagoya. A short walk from my hotel is the mai....

Night temple

12 March 2014

Japan-Kyoto-Temple-Gion-Okonomiyaki - Night temple

I was surprised to find that some of the temples and surrounding gardens are open at night. By open I mean, you can walk all around the buildings ....

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