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18 November 2023

Japan-Tokyo-Ikebukuro-Okonomiyaki - Okonobukuro

Okonomiyaki in Ikebukuro

I edited my reverse documentation of the day from earlier because I had confused Ochanomizu with Okachimachi, which must have thrown everyone for ....

Saturation point

22 October 2017

Japan-Tokyo-Ikebukuro-Typhoon-Food-Omurice - Saturation point

Sunshine city in Ikebukuro

The rare 3rd update in a single day eventuated, silly because I have had very little to photograph or talk about. I am however starting to believ....

Typhoon Lan

22 October 2017

Japan-Tokyo-Ikebukuro-Food - Typhoon Lan

Escaping a typhoon at Tokyo soup stock

More weather talk time, and hotel photos, brace yourself, but thats what happens on a 3 update day which is mainly travel. It is raining, a lot, t....

Need to step up my game

4 November 2015

Japan-Tokyo-Ikebukuro-Guitar-Curry - Need to step up my game

Eating vegetarian curry in Ikebukuro

As the title says, I feel the quality of what you see here has slipped. Steps are being taken to improve this situation. Perhaps I need to hire an....

No cranes

27 October 2012

Japan-Tokyo-Ikebukuro-Mapo Tofu - No cranes

Tonight I headed north, to Ikebekuro, had dinner, and came back via Takadanobaba. How are you going with the pronounciations? For a while I though....

Ginza, Ikebukuro

5 May 2010

Japan-Tokyo-Ginza-Ikebukuro - Ginza, Ikebukuro

Another fine day, have had really good luck with the weather so far. Pollution starting to become apparent though, which is a side effect of fine ....

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