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Exposing the exposition

12 June 2022

Korea-Yeosu-Seoul-Train - Exposing the exposition

Yeosu to Seoul on the KTX

Now I am back in Seoul. Gangnam to be precise. It took a long time to get here. But before that, lets talk some more about Yeosu. I have made fun....

Inspecting the fleet

11 June 2022

Korea-Yeosu-Food - Inspecting the fleet

Looking at boats in Yeosu

As this is the ancient naval capital of Korea and in my honorary self appointed role of Grand Rear Admiral (retired), I thought it best that I go ....

Penis tree

11 June 2022

Korea-Yeosu-Odongdo-Bridge - Penis tree

Walking a lap of Yeosu via Odongdo island

As predicted yesterday, today I walked a big lap of Yeosu. 30,000 steps right on the money for those playing the old persons how many steps game f....

Under the bridge

10 June 2022

Korea-Yeosu-Food-Pasta - Under the bridge

Yeosu harbourside walk

Tomorrow I plan to walk a loop over the bridges, so this evening I walked under one of the bridges. This took me to an area filled with seaside at....

All the views of Yeosu

10 June 2022

Korea-Yeosu-Hiking-Gubongsan - All the views of Yeosu

Hiking over Gubongsan, Janggunsan and Maraesan

After last nights enormous schnitzel, it was definitely time to go hiking. Yeosu is not really know for its mountains, it is more known for its co....

Fishes Octopuses and clams

9 June 2022

Korea-Yeosu-Food-Schnitzel - Fishes Octopuses and clams

Yeosu is a place for seafood lovers

If you like live seafood in all its forms you will like it here. You can eat a live octopus, or suck the gooey innards from every kind of shell. I....

Hilarious bus ride

9 June 2022

Korea-Busan-Yeosu-Train - Hilarious bus ride

From Busan to Yeosu on the slow train and bus

Now I am in Yeosu, in the middle south bit of the Korean mainland, I have not been here before. Yeosu is famous for the 'World Exposition Yeosu Ko....

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