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Penis tree

11 June 2022

Korea-Yeosu-Odongdo-Bridge - Penis tree

Walking a lap of Yeosu via Odongdo island

As predicted yesterday, today I walked a big lap of Yeosu. 30,000 steps right on the money for those playing the old persons how many steps game f....

The other Southbank

20 July 2019

England-London-Tower Bridge - The other Southbank

Walking along Southbank to Tower bridge

For my last night in London I headed back to Southbank and walked the other way. Finally getting to the Tower Bridge, which despite not being very....

All about the bridge

15 November 2018

Japan-Nagasaki-Bridge-Tunnel - All about the bridge

Hiking a lap of Nagasaki over the amazing Megami bridge

As you shall see, today is all about the bridge, but also a tunnel, and also Mitsubishi, and also a more than 30km great loop around the Nagasaki ....

Washing and walking

28 May 2016

England-London-Tower Bridge-Burrough Market - Washing and walking

Exploring Southbank in London

My day started at 6am as always, bright and early to do my washing. Having done my research and collected my change, this went off without a hitch....


18 November 2015

Japan-Iwakuni-Bridge-Rain-Hiking - Flood

A day trip to Iwakuni to walk over the bridge and see the castle

Now its really really raining. Enough for the streets to be flooded. At least flooded to the point they would be considered flooded in Adelaide, p....

Sleepy train ride

5 November 2015

Japan-Nikko-Autumn-Bridge - Sleepy train ride

A day trip to Nikko to view the bridge

Still not 100% healthy, I was determined to go to nature anyway, but no ascent of mount anything yet. Instead I paid a hefty fee to go to Nikko. M....


6 September 2009

England-London-Tower Bridge-Monument - Online

I was able to get internet up and running, thanks to someone who had previously visited giving me his pre paid 3g usb stick thing, setting it up w....

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