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All about the bridge

15 November 2018

Japan-Nagasaki-Bridge-Tunnel - All about the bridge

Hiking a lap of Nagasaki over the amazing Megami bridge

As you shall see, today is all about the bridge, but also a tunnel, and also Mitsubishi, and also a more than 30km great loop around the Nagasaki ....

My trusty old friend is a shining light

2 November 2017

Japan-Hiking-Namaze-Tunnel - My trusty old friend is a shining light

Hiking the abandoned railway tunnels near Namaze

Today I went to somewhere I have been to before, the formerly secret and unofficial abandoned rail tunnel hike near Namaze station. I say formerly....

Dont forget your torch

15 March 2014

Japan-Osaka-Namaze-Hiking-Tunnel - Dont forget your torch

After a bit of a nothing day yesterday, today was a most excellent day. The importance of having good internet on your holiday when you are me can....

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