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My bag fell in fish

12 April 2023

Korea-Gyeongju-Busan-Train - My bag fell in fish

Gyeongju to Busan on the KTX

For the next 7 nights I will be in Busan. My third visit here. I am staying in the same hotel as last time. Getting here was a bus, a bullet trai....

Final tomb opportunity

11 April 2023

Korea-Gyeongju-Tombs - Final tomb opportunity

Gyeongju tombs and tourist area

Tomorrow I am going to Busan. Yes, yes.. on the train. I have not seen that movie and I will not watch it. If you tell anyone you are going to Bus....

Historic Buddha has lost his head

11 April 2023

Korea-Gyeongju-Namsan-Hiking - Historic Buddha has lost his head

Gyeongju Namsan mountain

Today I went to the Gyeongju Namsan mountain. Everywhere has a Namsan mountain so I have to be specific. As mentioned I was not sure if this would....

Designated tourist area

10 April 2023

Korea-Gyeongju-Hotpot - Designated tourist area

Northeast Gyeongju

Tonight I headed in the exact opposite direction to where I have been going on previous nights. The map showed that this direction has a 'designat....

Historic lake roller coaster

10 April 2023

Korea-Gyeongju-Wolseong-Bomunho - Historic lake roller coaster

Wolseong fortress and Bomunho Lake

My goal today - squeeze as many of the sites of Gyeongju into a single day while using public buses. I think I did ok. First up was the observato....

Modern historic funfair

9 April 2023

Korea-Gyeongju-Hwangnidan - Modern historic funfair

Gyeongju Hwangnidan street

So it turns out there is an entire tourist funfair historic re-creation of the Silla period convenience stores just a few hundred metres over from....

To the grotto and beyond

9 April 2023

Korea-Gyeongju-Hiking-Bulguksa-Tohamsan - To the grotto and beyond

Bulkguksa Seokguram and Tohamsan

Today was the shortest hike, well in time anyway. Just over 2 hours in total, but still about 10km / 20k steps. You see it was a great quality pat....

Steak night

8 April 2023

Korea-Gyeongju-Food-Steak - Steak night

Gyeongju shopping area

Tonight's outing was short, local and filled with cubes of steak. Then my computer broke. After some stern words with it and a few unexpected blue....

So ancient, so grey

8 April 2023

Korea-Daegu-Gyeongju-Train - So ancient, so grey

Daegu to Gyeongju on the KTX

Now I am in Gyeongju. I have not been here before. Apparently it was the ancient capital of the ancient Silla kingdom. This means it is featured o....

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