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3 April 2023

Korea-Seoul-Hiking-Suraksan - Cloudrocks

Dojeongbong and Suraksan from Hoeryong station

Today I climbed a mountain I have climbed before, on April 1 2019, but today I climbed both up and down it from completely different directions to....

River view take 2

1 April 2023

Korea-Seoul-Hiking-Yebongsan - River view take 2

Yebongsan and Ungilsan from Paldang Station

I did this hike previously, on 7 November 2022. At the time I declared it a top 5 hike of all time. That was during Autumn, when the leaves were c....

Grumpy hike to a better room

31 March 2023

Korea-Seoul-Hiking-Guryongsan - Grumpy hike to a better room

Guryongsan from Yangjae to Irwon stations

Rejoice, for not only have I got a better room now, but I have more room photos of said room. I thought I might try and sleep in given my very la....

Power hike

23 November 2023

Japan-Tokyo-Hiking-Mount Kariyose - Power hike

Mount Kariyose from Musashi-Itsukaichi station

Final hike. Longer than I expected! But that was fine. 27k steps, 18km, 4.5 hours, 999m of elevation gain. Much of it was alongside a power substa....

Nice and easy

21 November 2023

Japan-Tokyo-Hiking-Mount Takamizu - Nice and easy

Mount Takamizu from Ikusabata to Sawai

Actually, there were three peaks on today's excellent hike but I cannot list them all in the title. Takamizu, Iwatekeishi and Sogaku. If you are l....

Not as long as I hoped for

19 November 2023

Japan-Tokyo-Hiking-Mount Takanosu - Not as long as I hoped for

Mount Takanosu from Lake Okutama to Okutama station

I thought it would take longer! My day started at 5:12am as I had planned and warned myself. My bag was already packed with drinks and snacks and ....

Not a failure

17 November 2023

Japan-Kurama-Kibune-Hiking - Not a failure

Kurama to Kibune hike

2 days ago I tried to do a hike I have done before which turned into an epic failure. In 2017 I tried to do the Kurama to Kibune hike, which faile....

Primeval not primordial

11 November 2023

Japan-Nara-Mount Kasuga-Hiking - Primeval not primordial

Nara Mount Kasuga forest

Last time I went to Nara, which was in 2017, I was prevented from walking the loop through the 'forest of the gods' due to fallen trees from a typ....

Highest around

8 November 2023

Japan-Matsuyama-Hiking-Mount Takanawa - Highest around

Mount Takanawa from Iyo-Hojo station

Naturally when you go to a place you have never been to before, the first thing you do is scroll the map and find the highest mountain possible to....

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