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River view

7 November 2022

Korea-Seoul-Hiking-Yebongsan - River view

Yebongsan and Ungilsan from Paldang Station

Today was an excellent hike, probably a top 5 hike! It was just about 5 hours, about 14km, 30,000 steps, great views, great weather. The only issu....

Saving the best for first?

5 November 2022

Korea-Seoul-Hiking-Bulamsan - Saving the best for first?

Short hike over Bulamsan from Hwarangdae station to Danggogae station

First hike of this trip so it was time to consult my list of possible hiking locations and find one suitable. I wanted it to be sort of short, to ....

Avoiding the plague

13 June 2022

Korea-Seoul-Hiking-Cheonmasan - Avoiding the plague

Cheonmasan hike from Cheonmasan station

Last hike. Weather showed a break in the rain from 6am to early afternoon when storms would arrive, they were 100% right! Congratulations to the K....

All the views of Yeosu

10 June 2022

Korea-Yeosu-Hiking-Gubongsan - All the views of Yeosu

Hiking over Gubongsan, Janggunsan and Maraesan

After last nights enormous schnitzel, it was definitely time to go hiking. Yeosu is not really know for its mountains, it is more known for its co....

Over the hill to the beach with a bridge

8 June 2022

Korea-Busan-Hiking-Hwangnyeongsan - Over the hill to the beach with a bridge

Hiking over Hwangnyeongsan to Gwangalli beach

Last day in Busan, last hike in Busan. I selected a small mountain, so small you can drive to the top via a toll road. It is called Hwangnyeongsan....

Small bonus mountain

7 June 2022

Korea-Busan-Hiking-Taejongdae - Small bonus mountain

Hiking around Yeongdo island to Taejongdae

Today was supposed to be a small activity, take a short walk over the bridge, walk around an island, come back again, go do my washing (laundry). ....

My moistened path

6 June 2022

Korea-Busan-Hiking-Jangsan - My moistened path

Hiking over Jangsan from Jangsan station

Before we get into it, just now on the TV behind me in my hotel room was an ad for a new robot. It is about 3 feet high, and on a base similar to ....

I lost the wall

3 June 2022

Korea-Busan-Hiking-Geumjeong - I lost the wall

Hiking Geumjeong fortress in Busan

Lets get something out of the way immediately, crap pictures today due to pollution. I culled a lot of what should have been good pictures. I move....

Monorails and graveyards

1 June 2022

Korea-Daegu-Hiking-Yongjibong - Monorails and graveyards

Hiking over paper stick mountain in Daegu

Before we get into today's hike, lets talk about sleeping in my Daegu hotel. The bed is HARD. The bed is lumpy. The sheet covering the mattress is....

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