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24 November 2022

Korea-Seoul-Myeongdong-Curry - Threepeat

A short walk to a familiar meal

Short update will be short. I have now had Abiko curry 3 times on this trip. 1st time at the Lotte young store, vegetarian, super spicy, and it wa....

Local lap

9 November 2022

Korea-Seoul-Myeongdong - Local lap

A short walk around Myeongdong

Tired. Legs are weak, 45,000 steps today, so just a short walk and a handful of photos. No one can explain why handful is written like it is. I no....

Dead dong

19 May 2022

Korea-Seoul-Myeongdong - Dead dong

Myeongdong is dead as there are no tourists

Test is negative! I am free to start my holiday, now lets talk about how dead the place I have chosen to come is!! Most people who come to Seoul ....

Fashion food

24 March 2015

Korea-Seoul-Myeongdong-Fashion - Fashion food

The unusual fashion and cosmetic stores of Myeongdong

I have no strength left in my legs, timed it perfectly. Anyway, what should I have for my last meal in Korea, a country famed for eating the same ....

No dinner

23 March 2015

Korea-Seoul-Myeongdong-Namdaemun - No dinner

The bright lights of Myeongdong

Late pancake lunch has its consequences, I was still full, no dinner for me. I must maintain my girlish figure. Thats not to say I didnt eat anyth....

Love Hotels

10 September 2011

Korea-Seoul-Myeongdong-Dumplings - Love Hotels

Single update for this afternoon and this evening. In the afternoon I tried to go to Gangnam. When I say tried, it seems I got out of the subway a....

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