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Getting reacquainted

28 May 2022

Korea-Daegu-Food-Shopping - Getting reacquainted

The huge shopping area of Daegu

I have been to Daegu before, in 2015. That makes me the only person you know that came to Daegu twice on a holiday. Make of that what you will. I ....

The hottest and poorest part of Korea

28 May 2022

Korea-Suwon-Daegu-Train - The hottest and poorest part of Korea

Suwon to Daegu on the KTX

On my train ride here I learnt that Daegu is generally about 4 degrees hotter than any other city in Korea, due to being in a basin surrounded by ....

Short train ride

11 March 2015

Korea-Daegu-Busan-Bullet Train - Short train ride

From Daegu to Busan on the KTX

Now I am in Busan, the southern metropolis on the coast of Korea, home of a famous beach, very useful in winter, the Busan film festival, not on w....

Last night in Daegu

10 March 2015

Korea-Daegu-Food-Bibimbap - Last night in Daegu

Eating Jeonju style Bibimbap in Daegu

I am not about to go all sentimental here, but Daegu is an excellent place. I enjoyed my 4 days here more than my entire trip to Seoul 3 or so yea....

Wrong buddha

10 March 2015

Korea-Daegu-Hiking-Gatbawi-Palgonsan - Wrong buddha

Hiking Palgonsan near Daegu at Gatbawi

Despite warnings of a world ending freeze / blizzard, I woke up feeling so strong that I thought I better go to another mountain. This was my last....

Random nonsense

9 March 2015

Korea-Daegu-Monorail - Random nonsense

The old market and new monorail of Daegu

After returning from recovery mountain, I decided to give my spa bath a whirl. It seemed to have lots of jets and something that makes bubbles tha....

Recovery mountain

9 March 2015

Korea-Daegu-Hiking-Apsan - Recovery mountain

Hiking Apsan in Daegu

What better way to rest your aching legs from climbing about on mountains than to climb another? None I say. This particular mountain is called Ap....

Shabu xiabu jiabu

8 March 2015

Korea-Daegu-Neon - Shabu xiabu jiabu

Eating in a Daegu department store

As promised, I didnt do much tonight. I did have Shabu Shabu, which in China is called Xiabu Xiabu, which in Korea is called Jiabu Jiabu. More on ....

Getting down to business

8 March 2015

Korea-Daegu-Hiking-Bisuelsan - Getting down to business

Hiking Bisuelsan near Daegu by bus

Brace yourself for photo overload, or more likely, prepare to scroll past many boring photos. Today I made a rough plan to go to some mountains in....

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