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The hottest and poorest part of Korea

28 May 2022

Korea-Suwon-Daegu-Train - The hottest and poorest part of Korea

Suwon to Daegu on the KTX

On my train ride here I learnt that Daegu is generally about 4 degrees hotter than any other city in Korea, due to being in a basin surrounded by ....

I put on pants

27 May 2022

Korea-Suwon-Food-Banchan - I put on pants

Eating a formal Korean dinner in Suwon

As threatened, for dinner I went back to the Lotte mega complex near Suwon main station, up to the top level, and then had my pick of every single....

Barely even broke a sweat

27 May 2022

Korea-Suwon-Hiking-Gwanggyosan - Barely even broke a sweat

Hiking the loop to Gwanggyosan from the Reservoir

Title is a humble brag, but compared to the last 3 hikes, this one was very civilised and easy. It was still long, about 16km in total including a....


26 May 2022

Korea-Suwon-Food-Curry - Trackside

Exploring the Suwon station area

Before we get into it, if you read my site in the blog fashion of newest post first, oldest post last which it defaults to if you use the search, ....

Little Xian

26 May 2022

Korea-Suwon-hwaseong fortress - Little Xian

Walking around the Hwaseong fortress wall in Suwon

The main attraction in Suwon without a doubt is the wall that circles the city. Well it almost completely circles a part of the city, there is one....

Gentrified lake experience

25 May 2022

Korea-Suwon-Gwanggyo Lake - Gentrified lake experience

Gwanggyo lake park stroll

If you enjoy watching people wander around places on youtube you might have seen various videos featuring the Gwanggyo lake. Everyone goes there a....

Turning a 30 minute train ride into a full day

25 May 2022

Korea-Seoul-Suwon-Train - Turning a 30 minute train ride into a full day

Seoul to Suwon on the Mugunghwa

Seoul to Suwon on the what now? In Korea there are 5 classes of train or 7 if count ones that are retired but still listed on the schedule, in ord....

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