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Less rocks and no rain

22 April 2023

Korea-Seoul-Hiking-Cheolmasan - Less rocks and no rain

Cheolmasan from Jinjeop to Onam stations

2nd to last hike. No rain. Shorter. The stats are probably not worth the effort, but ok, I will check anyway... 3 hours 20 minutes, 19k steps, 879....

Early everything

21 April 2023

Korea-Seoul-Insadong - Early everything

Dinner in Insadong

First I have an update on my smoking rant earlier. On TV just now on the old movie channel is a James Bond movie, and when the bad guy smokes, the....

Abandoned train line to dead backpackers

21 April 2023

Korea-Seoul-Hongdae - Abandoned train line to dead backpackers

Gyeongui forest park

Today was definitely a rest day. I am back at my hotel early, still a bit dehydrated from yesterday. Despite that, over 20k steps before noon. To....

Immediate dinner required

20 April 2023

Korea-Seoul-Myeongdong-Food - Immediate dinner required

Rainy night in Myeongdong

After returning from my hiking day, I was freezing from being wet, my shoes were caked in mud and leaves. It was time to shower, clean my shoes, t....

I had the foggiest

20 April 2023

Korea-Seoul-Hiking-Yongmunsan - I had the foggiest

Yangpyeong over Yongmunsan to the temple again

Well, I got wet and it took a really long time, but I had a great time frolicking in the fog. Now for the stats. 19.7km 35k steps 2762 calories 40....

The return of my beloved stream

19 April 2023

Korea-Seoul-Myeongdong - The return of my beloved stream

Myeongdong and Cheonggyecheon stream

If you have suffered through my previous visits to this side of Seoul, then you have suffered through the photos of the stream. Apparently it is c....

Train from Busan - the sequel

19 April 2023

Korea-Busan-Seoul-Train - Train from Busan - the sequel

Busan to Seoul on the KTX

Now I am back in Seoul. I will be here for 7 nights. It will be my final stop on this holiday. I am staying in a very well located hotel in Myeong....

Fire chicken

18 April 2023

Korea-Busan-Seomyeon-Buldak - Fire chicken

Buldak in Seomyeon

Last night in Busan. 45k step day. Better go back to Seomyeon. If I ever come here again I would like to stay in Seomyeon, it has all the best pla....

Long lap of a lake

18 April 2023

Korea-Busan-Hiking-Hoedong - Long lap of a lake

Hiking around Hoedong Suwonji

If you enjoy pictures of lakes you will enjoy today's presentation. If you enjoy pollution, strap in for a lot of it. And if you like both togethe....

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