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Old little America town

19 May 2023

Taiwan-Taipei-Tianmu-Shopping - Old little America town

Tianmu department stores

From the 1950's until 1979, Tianmu was where the US military bases in Taiwan and the entire American community of colleges, diplomats, fast food s....

I am a very wet lunatic

19 May 2023

Taiwan-Taipei-Hiking-Battleship Rock - I am a very wet lunatic

Battleship rock from Qilian station

I awoke to the reverberation of the 8 million or so Taipei residents suddenly coughing uncontrollably all at once. This meant only one thing, rain....

Surprise sea of flowers

18 May 2023

Taiwan-Taipei-University-Food - Surprise sea of flowers

National Taiwan University area

As the worlds lead uneducated buffoon, it is my god sworn duty to go to the area surrounding the most prestigious University in each city I someho....

Mouse hunt

18 May 2023

Taiwan-Taipei-Shopping - Mouse hunt

Huashan 1914 Creative Park and Daan Park

The hunt for the mouse was on. In the stifling heat. At 9:30am it was 34c, so I went for a coffee and the news told me today is the hottest day of....

Tomato soup night

17 May 2023

Taiwan-Taipei-Food-Ramen - Tomato soup night

Eslite bookstore Xinyi

Tonight I went to a 24 hour bookstore that has 10 or so levels, including a basement food court, is open 24 hours, and sadly is cloding down soon.....

Declining fitness

17 May 2023

Taiwan-Taipei-Hiking-Dajianshan - Declining fitness

Dajianshan trail from Xizhi station

My super fancy Garmin watch is angry with my. My vO2 max has declined! This is the ability for my blood to transport oxygen around my body. Sadly,....

They let me in!

16 May 2023

Taiwan-Taipei-Omurice-Night Market - They let me in!

Rainbow bridge and Raohe night market

I finally managed to be allowed to eat at a Japanese curry franchise fast food restaurant in Taiwan, the Coco challenge has been conquered. More o....

Outside hotel photo include

16 May 2023

Taiwan-Taichung-Taipei-Train - Outside hotel photo include

Taichung to Taipei on the HSR

Now I am back in Taipei. My last stop in Taiwan, but there will be a bonus 30 hour stop in Singapore on the way home, so for hotel photo lovers, t....

Half soft grand open

15 May 2023

Taiwan-Taichung-Mall - Half soft grand open

Mitsui Lalaport Taichung

Taiwan really wants to be Japan. They had a 50 year try at that, which seemingly did not go that well, despite a recent declaration by a Taiwanese....

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