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The other main station

23 April 2023

Korea-Seoul-Yongsan-Tofu - The other main station

Yongsan station and mall

A monk tried to fix my karma. I was standing in the light rain looking around at the buildings, and a dodgy monk came over and asked if he could a....


9 November 2017

Japan-Yokohama-Food-China Town-Mapo Tofu - Resurgence

Eating Mapo Tofu in Yokohama Chinatown

Its not game over yet. I seem to be going through a resurgence. Maybe it will be brief, maybe it will be lasting, time will tell....time will tell....

Damp pants

6 November 2016

Japan-Sendai-Food-Mapo Tofu - Damp pants

Eating Mapo Tofu in Sendai

Despite being late back to my hotel again due to mountains and trains, I had to do my washing before anything else. I have been wearing the same p....

They actually finished one

26 October 2016

Japan-Kyoto-Shopping Street-Mapo Tofu - They actually finished one

The covered shopping streets of Kyoto

Kyoto has been completed. There is nothing under construction. Last time I was here everything was, including the big temple near the station, the....

Get wet to go somewhere dry

17 November 2015

Japan-Hiroshima-Food-Mapo Tofu-Rain - Get wet to go somewhere dry

Visiting the local Aeon mall to escape the rain

Now its really raining. Raining enough so that I stood out the front of the hotel pondering what to do. After a google session, I found the local ....

Mapo Doufu

6 April 2013

China-Chengdu-Food-Mapo Tofu - Mapo Doufu

I didnt do very much tonight as I was saving my legs for the mountain hike tomorrow. What I did do was go to the home of Mapo Tofu, or as its call....

No cranes

27 October 2012

Japan-Tokyo-Ikebukuro-Mapo Tofu - No cranes

Tonight I headed north, to Ikebekuro, had dinner, and came back via Takadanobaba. How are you going with the pronounciations? For a while I though....

Best meal ever?

5 September 2012

China-Hangzhou-Construction-Mall-Tofu - Best meal ever?

Hangzhou is huge. Like many Chinese cities there is a new city area, which is far away from the old city area. In Hangzhou I estimate its about 15....

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