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Lets get out of here

9 April 2013

China-Chengdu-Airport-Lounge - Lets get out of here

I am now at Chengdu airport waiting for my flight. Cathay has no lounge but they do have a deal with Air China, So I can use theres, and update my....

Massive restaurant night

8 April 2013

China-Chengdu-Food - Massive restaurant night

Last night in Chengdu, and I headed far out west, almost to the end of the metro, to an area called Golden Cow. I had read it was a big food stree....

Tibetan beggars

8 April 2013

China-Chengdu-Tibet - Tibetan beggars

My last full day in Chengdu, tomorrow I start the long journey home, which from hotel to my front door will take something like 26 hours! More on ....

Quiet night out

7 April 2013

China-Chengdu-Beef-Tianfu Square - Quiet night out

I didnt get up to much as I thought I would be too tired from todays long hike. None the less I managed to wander around for 3.5 hours anyway. Sta....

Mapo Doufu

6 April 2013

China-Chengdu-Food-Mapo Tofu - Mapo Doufu

I didnt do very much tonight as I was saving my legs for the mountain hike tomorrow. What I did do was go to the home of Mapo Tofu, or as its call....

New old ancient streets

6 April 2013

China-Chengdu-Sichuan Museum-Culture Park - New old ancient streets

I had not really been west of the city yet. Today was the day. And a glorious day it was, sun blazing. The weather forecast said it would be cold ....

An old street

5 April 2013

China-Chengdu-Folk Street - An old street

Ask and you shall receive. I intended to walk north and pick a restaurant for dinner, but on the way I saw a brown street sign (global color for p....

Lets try that again

5 April 2013

China-Chengdu-Polar Ocean World - Lets try that again

Yesterday I tried to go to the polar ocean world aquarium thing, and failed. Armed with further research, I decided to try again. The weather had ....

Drunken Chengdu

4 April 2013

China-Chengdu-Neon-Blue Carribean - Drunken Chengdu

It was very quiet out. I should really have paid more attention to that because it ended in me not really getting any dinner! First I went to the ....

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