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The other main station

23 April 2023

Korea-Seoul-Yongsan-Tofu - The other main station

Yongsan station and mall

A monk tried to fix my karma. I was standing in the light rain looking around at the buildings, and a dodgy monk came over and asked if he could a....

The new part of the old side

23 November 2022

Korea-Seoul-Yongsan - The new part of the old side

A nice walk to Yongsan and back

Train journey days mean not enough steps are done. So this evening I decided to rectify that by walking to Yongsan and back. Not a massive walk, b....

Yongsan and Itaewon

8 September 2011

Korea-Seoul-Yongsan-Itaewon-Tacos - Yongsan and Itaewon

This evening I visited 2 different yet geographically relatively close regions, however getting between them required multiple train changes. Yong....

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