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Last stop

7 November 2016

Japan-Sendai-Tokyo-Castle-Shinkansen - Last stop

A quick trip to the Sendai castle on foot

Now I am back in Tokyo, hark the heralds. I will be here for 3 nights. Then I will be on a plane overnight, then I will be home on Friday. More pr....

Damp pants

6 November 2016

Japan-Sendai-Food-Mapo Tofu - Damp pants

Eating Mapo Tofu in Sendai

Despite being late back to my hotel again due to mountains and trains, I had to do my washing before anything else. I have been wearing the same p....

Lets try that again

6 November 2016

Japan-Sendai-Hiking-Omoshiroyama-Autumn Colors - Lets try that again

Climbing the mountain at Omoshiroyama station near Sendai

As suggested yesterday, today I returned to the mountain I did not complete yesterday because I went the wrong way and instead removed skin from m....


5 November 2016

Japan-Sendai-Kokubuncho-Food-Pasta - Cheesey

The dining options of Kokubuncho in Sendai

After getting back from the ravine view day on the late train, I was starving. As soon as the photos were uploaded and I had typed some nonsense i....

White flag

5 November 2016

Japan-Sendai-Omoshiroyama-Hiking-Yamadera - White flag

Hiking along the canyon from Omoshiroyama to Yamadera

Today I had to wave the white flag and retreat back down a mountain I did not even intend to climb. The plan was to go to a remote station with a ....

Nights of the warming lights

4 November 2016

Japan-Sendai-Shopping Street - Nights of the warming lights

Discovering the covered shopping streets of Sendai

Sendai has lots of lights, and lots of shops, and lots of warmth, too many restaurants, lots of people, and no tourists besides myself that I can ....

Under the sea

4 November 2016

Japan-Hakodate-Sendai-Shinkansen - Under the sea

Taking the Shinkansen under the sea from Hakodate to Sendai

Now I herald my arrival to Sendai. My second to last stop, and my last new city as my last city is Tokyo which was also my first city and also a c....

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