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Repeat visit

11 November 2019

Japan-Hiking-Omoshiroyama-Yamadera - Repeat visit

Omoshiroyamakogen canyon to Yamadera shrine

I have been here before and done exactly this journey before. Top tip for using my site, click the search thing and click the tag for the name of ....

Lets try that again

6 November 2016

Japan-Sendai-Hiking-Omoshiroyama-Autumn Colors - Lets try that again

Climbing the mountain at Omoshiroyama station near Sendai

As suggested yesterday, today I returned to the mountain I did not complete yesterday because I went the wrong way and instead removed skin from m....

White flag

5 November 2016

Japan-Sendai-Omoshiroyama-Hiking-Yamadera - White flag

Hiking along the canyon from Omoshiroyama to Yamadera

Today I had to wave the white flag and retreat back down a mountain I did not even intend to climb. The plan was to go to a remote station with a ....

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