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The dark temple

5 November 2015

Japan-Tokyo-Asakusa-Shrine-Ramen - The dark temple

Exploring Asakusa at night

No sooner had I returned from Nikko and it was time to head out the door again. I headed away from the local Ueno station, to see where I ended up....

Goose stepping

24 March 2014

Taiwan-Taipei-Shrine-Grand Hotel - Goose stepping

So, today I didnt climb any big mountain, just a hill. Tomorrow will probably be a different story. As a result there are not that many photos tod....

6km becomes 20km

17 March 2014

Japan-Osaka-Shrine-Hiking-Tokai-Minoh - 6km becomes 20km

My plan was easy enough. Take the train to Minoh station in north Osaka, and walk the 3km in each direction along a picturesque canyon path lined ....

Mountain full of temples

7 April 2013

China-Hiking-Shrine-Qingcheng - Mountain full of temples

Today I went to the Qingcheng mountain, a place which claims to be the source of the taoist religion, whatever that is. I read the wikipedia artic....

The great walk

29 October 2012

Japan-Tokyo-Walk-Ueno-Shrine - The great walk

Its the last day of my weekend in Tokyo. My flight isnt until 8pm in the evening. So theres no excuse not to walk a great distance. If you enjoy p....

Trains and temples

27 October 2012

Japan-Kamakura-Beach-Shrine-Enoshima - Trains and temples

Today I took a full day trip which took in 3 different cities linked by a tram in Kanagawa prefecture. Fujiwara - a relatively large modern city E....

Asakusa, boat ride.

7 May 2010

Japan-Tokyo-Asakusa-Shrine-Ferry - Asakusa, boat ride.

Today I headed out to the old part of Tokyo called Asakusa, which looks quite far on the train map but is only about 30 minutes. Never really havi....

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