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Indeed more beef noodle

31 March 2017

Taiwan-Taipei-Taoyuan-Airport-Lounge-Beef - Indeed more beef noodle

Getting to Taoyuan airport end eating cake at the Singapore airlines lounge

Now I am at Taipei Taoyuan international airport, waiting for my flight. As usual I am many hours early, not to worry, I am able to check in, and ....

The boring photos continue

5 March 2017

Taiwan-Taoyuan Airport-Train - The boring photos continue

Arriving at Taoyuan airport and getting into Taipei

Surely the most boring start to one of my long winded things ever. Update 3 on day 1 and I am in my Taipei hotel, and its still only 4pm in the af....

Homeless person

27 March 2014

Taiwan-Taipei-Panda-Vegetarian-Taoyuan - Homeless person

I stupidly woke up at 5:30AM. My flight is at 19:35. So now I have to check out, leave my bags, and effectively live the life of a homeless person....

Multiple modes of transport

18 March 2014

Osaka-Taoyuan-Taichung-Airport-Boeing 777 - Multiple modes of transport

As mentioned on the previous page, today involved multiple modes of transport to go from Osaka to Taichung in Taiwan. I wont bore myself by recoun....

Leaving Taipei

21 March 2012

Taiwan-Taoyuan-Airport-Beef-Lounge - Leaving Taipei

The interesting stuff finished on the last page. From here on in, unless theres a terrorist attack or my plane is accidentally a concorde, it will....

Travel day

14 March 2012

Japan-Taiwan-Osaka-Taoyuan-Airport - Travel day

Today I went from Osaka to Taipei. I often think my favourite part of travelling is the actual travelling. Today was one of those days. There were....

Taipei Airport

7 September 2011

Taiwan-Taoyuan-Airport-Hello Kitty-Beef - Taipei Airport

I spent a relaxing few hours in the airport, glad with my decision to route my flight through here. The first class lounge is shitty compared to t....

Transiting Hong Kong

5 April 2011

Taiwan-Taoyuan-Hong Kong-Airport - Transiting Hong Kong

So, we are going to be back to photos of airline food, planes, airports, airport lounges and other associated boring things. My first flight, is a....

The hotel and the airport

4 April 2011

Taiwan-Taoyuan-Airport-Beef - The hotel and the airport

Today was an epic travel day. My goal was to get to the Novotel hotel at the airport, where I am staying tonight....its a good thing I did this an....

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