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Smallest hotel room ever

8 June 2016

Austria-Innsbruck-Salzburg-Train - Smallest hotel room ever

From Innsbruck to Salzburg by train

Now I am Salzburg, where I was greeted by thunderstorms. This may alter my planned activities tomorrow, time will tell, hopefully they disappear. ....

I promise no mountain photos

7 June 2016

Austria-Innsbruck-Casino - I promise no mountain photos

Tyrol food specialty

As the title suggests, I set out to especially not take any more photos of mountains, today. The hotel I am in insists I hand the key to my room b....

Thousands of flying creatures

7 June 2016

Austria-Innsbruck-Hiking-Patscherkofel - Thousands of flying creatures

Hiking Patscherkofel in Innsbruck

Somehow I deleted what I wrote here? No idea how. Oh well. I think it spoke about how I climbed the mountain swatting at various bugs.

Time for shorts

6 June 2016

Austria-Innsbruck-Mall-Pasta - Time for shorts

The beautiful town square of Innsbruck

Before I forget, I have a tidbit to share from this morning I forgot until now. When checking out from my little hotel in the last town with the h....

Now in Austria

6 June 2016

Germany-Garmisch Partenkirchen-Austria-Innsbruck - Now in Austria

Taking the train from Germany to Austria

Not a creative title, but apt. Home of red bull, they even sell it at Mcdonalds as a slushy thing. Innsbruck is the actual city I am in, which is ....

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